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Legendary Leadership: Who is The Heart of Your Team?

  The Superbowl was a few weeks ago. Certainly not a nail-biter and with a fairly predictable outcome. What I love most about the spectacle that is this event are the stories which come forth that warm the heart and inspire greater commitment to team, turning co-workers into family members we care for and recognize. What I love about it is the question arises: Who is the heart of your team? or as I like to call it, who is The Heart and Promise Keeper of your Work Family? Maybe you saw the story about David Saville, college football’s Clemson
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The Choice Between

  2 Mondays ago we welcomed the newest member to our family, a beautiful, excited, chew everything, diarrhea everywhere, happy Goldendoodle 8-week old pup. His name is Buster Silvermine Bojangles Dude Hewlett. We love him. As we got all set up, after a trip to the store to buy a kennel, bed, and chew toys, the time quickly passed from PM to AM as the kids were still up playing after midnight with our new little friend. Suddenly I heard an explosion. No one else heard it, as they were making noise with the dog, but as the Dad I
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The Promise: Raising Legendary Leaders

  The other day a man took my order at a restaurant. When I began to speak his eyes widened and he said, excitedly, “You’re Jason Hewlett!  You came to my school when I was in 3rd grade.  That was the best assembly of my life!”  Looking at his full grown beard, head balding, and the twinkle in his eye, it hit me once again how long I’ve been doing this whole being on stage thing. It is life’s great compliment when someone remembers you fondly from their childhood as having made a difference in their lives, and equally makes
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