Legendary Leadership: Who is The Heart of Your Team?


The Superbowl was a few weeks ago.

Certainly not a nail-biter and with a fairly predictable outcome.

What I love most about the spectacle that is this event are the stories which come forth that warm the heart and inspire greater commitment to team, turning co-workers into family members we care for and recognize.

What I love about it is the question arises: Who is the heart of your team?

or as I like to call it, who is The Heart and Promise Keeper of your Work Family?

Maybe you saw the story about David Saville, college football’s Clemson University highlighted their team manager not just for his unbelievable dedication and spirit, but for his promise to give his all every day to the team he loves.

David’s reaction to being recognized with tickets to the Superbowl for awesome work is beautiful and it is how everyone reacts inside when a Leader engages those they lead, pointing out that co-workers are appreciated and doing well.

The Promise of Legendary Leadership is to give others every opportunity to shine by teaching them how to utilize their Signature Moves – and then congratulate them for keeping The Promise.

That is Identify, Clarify, and Magnify all in one, which is the responsibility of every Legendary Leader.


Check out THIS VIDEO for a tear-jerker where they give him the Superbowl tickets.  This video will inspire you to acknowledge the heart of your team and Work Family today.

I recommend watching it with your Work Family, which will give you an immediate opportunity for employee engagement to tell those you work with how amazing they really are.


Check out THIS ARTICLE to go into more depth about this young man, which also features a story of David’s life as seen below.




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6 thoughts on “Legendary Leadership: Who is The Heart of Your Team?”

  1. I have to admit that I do not watch football. I know, I know, it is patently unAmerican but it is still the truth. So I appreciate you posting this Jason, or I would never have seen it. I have a granddaughter with severe Cerebral Palsy. I think sometimes if she were born again would I want it to be different and I can answer no. She is so loving and beautiful. Sometimes I would love to hear her speak but her smile makes up for that small loss. Thank you again for posting this video and article.

  2. Jason, good morning!

    What if you had a write-in contest to see who would recommend who for their team’s best keeper of The(ir) Promise and what their Signature Move is?

    There would be two prizes. The prizes would be for the best entry would be for the team’s best player AND for the person who submitted the recommendation.

    What would be the prize? Superbowl tickets? A day a Jurassic Park? Heck no! The prize would be lunch with Jason Hewlett!

    Now, THAT would be a prize worth vying for!


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