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Finding Your Personal Legend

  What are you meant to do in this life?   What is your Personal Legend? Santiago, the young shepherd, is happy with his current state of life at the beginning of the book, “The Alchemist”, but he is equally in search of a few things of importance, such as travel,

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Interview with My Dad

  We thought he would be dead at 63 due to genetics and his health… Now, 68 and still going strong, imagine having the chance

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Lottery What If…

  What if you WON THE LOTTERY? We are talking Millions of Dollars. On top of a Pandemic and world crisis. Pretty amazing! And then

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Would You Stop to Help?

  I admit it.  I’ve driven around accidents, messes, situations I’ve seen on the freeway, side streets, in canyons, and looked over to see if

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Happy 4th of July

  Did you know that I play guitar? Well, kind of. So, here’s a little guitar song for you, along with the reveal of my

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The Egg

  You are holding an egg. Carefully you have just taken it from the carton and go to crack it over the sizzling frying pan.

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