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Jason loves making the event planning process as easy and streamlined as possible. Below you will find important downloadable PDFs and high quality images you can use to aid in the marketing and production efforts of your event. If we don’t have something you’re looking for below, please email us at

Jason HewlettOneSheet

Jason Hewlett Live Show OneSheet

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Jason HewlettFull Bio

Jason Hewlett Full Bio

Download Jason's full bio to include with your marketing materials. This could be used for conference programs, fliers, or other promotional materials for your event.

Jason HewlettShort Bio

Jason Hewlett Short Bio

Download Jason's short bio to include with your marketing materials. This could be used for conference programs, fliers, or other promotional materials for your event.

Jason HewlettIntro

Jason Hewlett Introduction

This is for your company leader, principal, or other organizational planner to use on the day of the event as they introduce Jason before his presentation.

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Audio Visual Needs

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As an event planner for the past 24 years, I’m not afraid to say that I can be hard to impress. I have booked Past Presidents, Astronauts, Motivational Speakers, Sports Celebrities, Magicians, and Drum Corps so I’ve seen my fair share of presenters. If you want to look like a “Rock Star” to your Clients, Board of Directors and Conference Attendees, you MUST book JASON HEWLETT! I have never been more impressed, and received such an overwhelming response about a performance. His presentation, delivery, musical interpretation and comedic timing WOW’d the audience! Two weeks after the conference and members are still talking about him! I cannot wait to book him for other clients I work with! HE KILLED IT!

- Kim O'Dell

Jason HewlettPhotos

Jason HewlettTestimonials

“What a spectacular performance! You made me laugh, you made me cry, but most importantly, you made me promise!”
-Nadine Willems-Antersijn, CHART

“Jason’s message about your reputation as a company and having a Signature Move that distinguishes your service to others was ’spot-on’ for our employees to hear. We all thought he was extremely talented and absolutely hilarious performing his celebrity imitations. I would highly recommend Jason Hewlett for any function that needs an entertaining presentation with a serious message masked within.”
-Janice E. Ayers, SPHR Corporate Relations Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative, Inc.

“Jason Hewlett was Jason Hewlett! He wowed the attendees! I had some folks ask me afterward about how they could host him at groups they are a part of. Having had Jason perform now multiple times for our events we are always pleased with the results of his program.”
-Jim Tutton, VP, WTA

During our Gala, every person in the venue was laughing within 2 minutes. His talent, the variety of material presented, and the level of audience interaction was perfect for our event. I highly recommend Jason for any event and any audience. He just may be America’s best kept comedy secret.”
-Joe Betar, Houston Safari Club

“The way he presented his story, along with performing his many talents, made the topic of his speech so easy to listen to and reflect on how “The Promise” applies to your life. He really helped to understand and make me take a good look at myself to see if that’s how I was/am with my own kids, spouse, co-workers, and anyone else in my life.”
-Pam Sughira, American Society of Military Comptrollers

“Jason’s message exceeded my expectations and I left inspired to do better.”
-Kevin Garduno, American Society of Military Comptrollers

“I LOVE the new focus on Jason Hewlett The Speaker. His entertainment skills provide a unique hook for the audience to engage in learning. His ability to make people laugh, creates a heightened level of vulnerability, which opens the door for learning and retention. I highly recommend bringing Jason in to speak.”
-Jeff Rust, Corporate Alliance

“Jason, you are amazing!! I loved it and am now a better person for hearing you speak.”
-Logan Wilkes, Corporate Alliance

“Jason was phenomenal! Staff loved him. Jason is hysterical.”
-Sarah Leslie, 1st United Credit Union

Lincoln Financial Attendee Reviews ~

“Absolutely wonderful, entertaining, informative, funny, enjoyable – great start for sure!”

“Jason Hewlett as our Speaker woke up the room and more importantly hit a personal note for me towards the end of his talk. I started to get emotional when he spoke about family priorities. I enjoyed every word!”

“Jason was awesome! Enjoying and entertaining while also delivering an important message. Bring him every year!”

“Amazing!! Can he please come every year? So inspiring!”

“Jason was everything we had hoped for in a keynote presenter. As so many have said in their comments, his message and delivery provided a fantastic way to kick off the meeting. Jason, Thank You!”

“Jason was phenomenal! He had great insight and was a joy to watch. I would sit in on another engagement of his without hesitation.”


“Our members have not stopped talking about how talented you are and what care you took to weave together the Main Plaform program each day in a thoughtful and meaningful way. You brought humor and joy to our event, made people laugh and cry at all the right moments, and helped people break out their inner velociraptors. You are a true professional, a pleasure to work with, and, as you promised, made my job easier. We feel very lucky to have found a partner like you and look forward to working together again soon!”
Jess Jurasz, Million Dollar Round Table

“His message was right on point with our group, while his entertainment far exceeded our expectations. We had several MetLife senior leaders in attendance who were totally impressed and entertained by Jason.”
T. Kent Corcorn, MetLife Global Customer Solutions Conference Chair

“You are more than an entertainer, in fact, you are one of the best Keynote Speakers we have had to date! The use of laughter, love and commitment you use throughout your presentation is incredible. Our audience has taken what you shared and those who have implemented your PROMISE program are seeing the results! Every area of our diverse demographics has sent me praises for having such an incredible Keynote Speaker who speaks truth, in a genuine, humble, and realistic way. Your relatability allowed our audience to believe they too can change their lives by making the Promises necessary to gain the results they are seeking.”
-Trent Kirby, Paparazzi Accessories

“You are an inspiration to open wide….your voice, your heart, and your life!”
-Kathy Roney Bogenberger, Scentsy

“THANK YOU FOR BEING SO AMAZING! I laughed, cried, and took so much from the entire convention.”
Amanda Reaves, Paparazzi Accessories

“There simply is nobody like Jason in the business!  He is a unique, one-of-a-kind talent that delivers a very unforgettable experience.  We brought Jason in for our annual fundraising event in hopes that he would offer something different yet meaningful to our audience and he completely amazed us.  Rarely do you find a Speaker that engages every audience member, but Jason certainly did and has a genuine way of connecting with people.  Find a way to book Jason for your next event.  The only thing you will regret is figuring out where to find a talent great enough for your next event!”
-Blake S. Bard, Freeman Health System 

“The audience couldn’t get enough of his performance.  Not only will Jason be a sure success for any event, he is a pleasure to work with and is the ultimate professional.  He understands that the success of the event is paramount and is willing to set his ego aside to ensure the event’s needs come first.  Having worked with him now multiple times we are pleased to know we can count on Jason to always keep his promise.”
-KimMarie Larsen, ASEA Cellular Health

2017 WI SHRM State Conference Attendees Surveys ~

“Fantastic way to end the conference! Great speaker. Engaging and I have made an effort to make changes in my professional and personal life as a result of Jason’s message.”

“Good stuff here! Very funny, engaging, heartfelt, impactful material and talk/presentation from Jason. I am a note taker typically and I found myself being in the moment (as you also talked about) and taking it all in. You are a special person and have definitely found your talent. Thanks for sharing it with all of us!!”

“Great Keynote to end the Conference. He was able to make us think about how we interact with others. Also very entertaining!”

“Hilarious! Great speaker with a great message. I’ve actually looked in the mirror and am working really hard to be present for my son when I am with him. Thank you Jason!”

“Jason is amazing and was absolutely a crowd favorite.  He is a fantastic performer with the ability to adapt to any audience.  His patriotic end to his performance was outstanding and something our customers really appreciate and took to heart, especially since they are law enforcement and public safety officials.  You can tell that Jason is so passionate about his skill and it’s truly important to him to know his audience – this was so apparent while working with him with his detailed questions in wanting to be certain he customized the best experience possible for our group.  We were so happy for the opportunity to work with him and without a doubt, would work with him again.  You couldn’t ask for a better packaged deal – professional, extremely funny, and all around class act!”
-Angie Dunn, Spillman Technologies 

“Jason was incredible and owns the stage better than anyone I’ve ever seen. What is more impressive is while he entertains, he conveys a memorable and meaningful message around workforce performance and staying true to one’s strengths. Every employee and organization has their own stage, and the ones that display legendary performances are the ones that last.”
-Josh McGhee, Touchstone Energy

“We could throw anything at Jason and he not only handled it with ease but takes it to another level. Jason Hewlett is the consummate professional and like a swiss-army knife. He is every event manager’s dream, willing to get creative and be flexible on the fly, and he handles it all with poise and professionalism. His talents bring so much joy to any event whether as an emcee or stand-alone presentation.”
-Jen Allen, RootsTech/FamilySearch International

“We had Jason perform/emcee at our Healing Hearts Foundation event for two consecutive years. If it were strictly up to me, he would be back EVERY year!”
-Bob Resciniti, Healing Hearts Foundation

“Everyone is complaining that their jaws are hurting from laughing so much. Jason rocked it out of the park for us and I can’t tell you how much we appreciate him sharing his Signature Moves. I heard nothing but compliments on his performance and the message given.”
-Janice Ayers, Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative

“The mix of entertainment, that was the highest caliber I’ve ever seen, I was laughing til I cried, and then crying I was touched by your message of The Promise, to family, team, caring for our clients.”
-Sandy Shoemaker, EKS&H

“Give Jason Hewlett a standing ovation. He is so gifted. I wish he could introduce me to the stage every time. I need to take him on the road!”
-Les Brown, Legendary Speaker,

“The stories, mixed with inspiration, humor, voices, characters …. Jason is incredible.”
-Hank Smith, Best-Selling Author & Speaker

“Talented, entertaining, crazy, while being inspiring, profound, and sincere. Jason is the ultimate performer and a dear friend.”
-Mark O. Haroldsen, Author & Speaker