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A performance unlike any other, Jason Hewlett has no understudy.  
Of Las Vegas “Legends in Concert” Fame, he is the only Master Impressionist Entertainer in the world and Hall of Fame Speaker inspiring audiences to embrace their own leadership Signature Moves through music, comedy, and storytelling.  
THE RESULTS: Explosive laughter!  Laughing while learning is the secret to an incredible presentation.  Your attendees will sing along, enjoy shared laughter with colleagues, feel renewed commitment to work & life, and love your event.  Participants will stop setting unrealistic goals and start making & keeping greater promises. 

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"The highlight of our 3 day event in Budapest was undoubtedly the performance of Jason Hewlett. Entertainment, humor, great singing and outstanding education. I laughed so hard and at the same time learned so much."
Miriam Greefhorst
Rain International

Promises are no small things. They’re commitments. Game-changers. Life-transformers. Your event attendees will learn how to:

Yes, one keynote can really do all of that!

Take Hall of Fame Speaker status, combine it with award-winning Las Vegas entertainment, and content that moves audiences emotionally on every level and what do you have?  A keynote that amplifies your ROI. Take-aways that stay long after the event venue closes. Comedy and music that lifts every message and wows every crowd. That’s what you get – every time – when you hire Jason Hewlett. An extraordinary Keynote Speaker Experience, a joyfully engaged audience, and the Promise of personal and professional transformation.

Imagine your team members and leadership asking themselves daily, “How can I keep The Promise of our Company to my Customers? My Team? Myself? This simple shift and series of questions changes the way employees engage and deliver, managers mentor, leaders delegate and inspire, and customers connect. Instead of just leaning into traditional sales and marketing mantras – change your corporate culture for the better — forever.

Jason’s Promise?  That your event attendees will change the way they see themselves as people and as promise-makers. For their teams, their communities, and their families.

One keynote that can fuel their promise, potential, and impact on your organization and the world around them. Powerfully empowering. Positively promising.

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"Jason brought the house down! Hands down the best comedy/ motivational/ amazing experience. Our people loved it."
Ryan Lee
CashFlow Tactics
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"Amazing message, incredible delivery, highly recommend him!"
Dr. Vijay Parmar
Bay Oral Surgery
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"My team came back so inspired and guided from Jason powerful presentation."
Brad Jensen
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"Jason far exceeded our expectations, it was incredible, the best speaker we've had."
Dan Berger
Berger Rental Communities

Jason is an engaging and entertaining speaker. He can make the audience laugh but he can also inspire them to become better leaders, better team members, and all around better humans. I’ve seen Jason speak more than 5 times and every time I have laughed until I cried, and I have also left a better person - more committed to my work, and my family. It’s a rare speaker that can do that, and Jason can.

- Michelle McCullough

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