Meet Jason Hewlett

Leadership Expert + Author + Speaker Hall of Fame

Having delivered thousands of presentations over two decades, Jason Hewlett is the only speaker in the world teaching leadership skills, tools, and mindsets in such a powerfully unconventional way. With out-of-the-box performances of uncanny musical and comedy impressions of incredible stage legends, Jason’s keynote,
The Promise: Become a Legendary Leader and Discover Your Signature Moves
is a speech that feels like a show, entertainment that feels like enlightenment, music that feels like a difference-maker. Audiences leave with proven processes and immediately implementable takeaways to transform their business and leadership skills and invite a whole lot more joy into life.

Why set a goal when we can make a promise?

Jason is the author of the Facebook post entitled, “I Saw My Wife at Target Today”, which has been seen by more than 100 million people. A recent, and one of the youngest inductees in the prestigious Speaker Hall of Fame, his talks inspire leadership from the perspective of a Promise, while giving attendees an engaging, entertaining, and educational experience all in one.

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  • Inducted into the prestigious Speaker Hall of Fame, one of the youngest ever inducted with the CPAE Council of Peers Award for Excellence
  • Invited to be part of a Middle East Tour in support of the US Military in Kuwait, Afghanistan & Africa
  • Author of Signature Moves: How To Stand Out In A Sit Down World
  • Recipient of the National Outstanding Eagle Scout Award from the Boy Scouts of America, awarded to only 800 men in the history of scouting (Jason has also earned the Eagle Award)
  • Recipient of the prestigious Star Award from the SCERA Center for the Arts

With over 2,000 presentations for Fortune 500 companies and clients such as American Express, Delta Airlines, the Salt Lake Olympics, Experian, NuSkin, Younique, Coca~Cola and Wells Fargo, Jason Hewlett is your go-to solution for an engaging and entertaining keynote.

Hall of Fame Speaker.
Award-Winning Entertainer.
World-Class Performer.
Leadership Difference-Maker.
Integrity Influencer.
Comedy Connector.

What does any of that mean for your next audience? A one-of-a-kind experience that resonates with audiences as human beings, inspires them as business professionals, and motivates them to lead in ways that change organizations, communities, and lives.

Take Hall of Fame Speaker status, combined with Award-Winning Las Vegas Entertainment, content that moves The Audience emotionally to amplify your ROI, take-aways that stay, comedy & music to engage, educate & entertain, and you have the most extraordinary Keynote Speaker Experience in the World in Jason Hewlett.


  • Inducted into the NSA Speaker Hall of Fame (2016)
  • Best of State Winner Arts & Entertainment Individual Vocalist (2013)
  • Best of State Winner Arts & Entertainment Specialty Act (2010)
  • Boy Scouts of America National Outstanding Eagle Scout Award (2016)
  • National Speakers Association’s Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) (2014)
  • Salt Lake County Entertainer of the Year (2013)
  • SCERA Star Award (2016)
  • The Waterford School Music Award (1997)

Jason’s hobbies include hiking in the mountains, writing music, playing with his kids, and staring at his wife. His greatest accomplishments all live within the walls of his home. He is a husband to the most beautiful woman in the world, Tami, and Dad to four incredible young children who serve as his inspiration and help deliver material for his presentations. As a family, the Hewlett’s donate over 20 hours per month in community service, volunteering, mentoring, outreach, and philanthropy to worthy causes in their home state of Utah.

“Wait a minute! I heard Jason’s an excellent One-Man Show Entertainer and Emcee! Where do I find out more?”



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I’m being told I look like Charlton Heston’s Moses at this point after writing my book in the mountains. Quite the compliment. Then I’m told to get a haircut.



So pleased to be a contributor in 1 Habit just released this week! Incredible authors and friends of mine including Dianna Booher, Alan Berg, Mark Sanborn, Brandon Kelly and many more. A bite sized collection of incredible habits by some of the world’s greatest success stories. Thank you Steven Samblis for having me be a part! Buy on Amazon - link in my Bio.



As happy as I look in the present I am now very sad for the future. Thanks everyone, you can all stop trying, I have just won the “Who Has The Bleakest Future Head Shot” Award. 🤣 #oldagechallenge



So honored to be a part of this awesome book “1 Habit” by Steven Samblis. On sale today on Amazon and yes I’m a contributing author - I wrote a chapter on The Promise! Today you can get it for a discount on Amazon.



Event the other night and these two dudes showed up. Anyone know these guys? Pretty amazing the people I get to meet. #awesome



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