The Promise: Become a Legendary Leader

Discover Your Signature Moves

For today’s audiences? A simple speech just isn’t going to cut it. 
To truly connect and communicate, they want a keynote speaker who can WOW them.  
A speaker who can bring them to the edge of their seat, or up on their feet.
A speaker who can artfully craft a message that can have people laughing out loud and thinking long-term.
A speaker who can both entertain and deliver world-class content and take-aways
that positively change they way the live, work, and lead. 

Jason Hewlett is THAT kind of speaker.
And he has no understudy.

Messages that Move People

Music and messaging magically come together in ways that move people in the moment and give them the tools needed to leverage their own Signature Moves and develop Legendary Lives and Careers.

Make your next event a MOVING one. 

Humor that Hits Home

When was the last time a speaker made your audience erupt in a full-on belly laugh? Jason’s humor hits all the right notes. When people are laughing, they’re learning on a new level.

Wit & wisdom are a powerful combo!   

Entertainment with Purpose

Surprise! Skill building and leadership lessons don’t have to be boring. Or stuffy. Or serious. Media has changed the way we learn and consume information. Jason brings important topics to LIFE to create extraordinary, unforgettable experiences.

I have been strongly influenced by the best motivational speakers our world has to offer over the last 30 years. I have also laughed and admired the talents of the greatest comedians. Never have I seen a speaker combine the talents of the motivator with the talents of the comedian like Jason Hewlett does. He may be from another galaxy!

- Jeff Shoop

Promises are no small things. They’re commitments. Game-changers. Life-transformers. Your event attendees will learn how to:

Identify  strengths, capacities, and potential, along with top 10 Attributes that will benefit their business leadership skills and create life-changing transformation at home.

Clarify team leadership roles and develop powerful Signature Moves that positively expand every engagement and interaction both within the team, and in the real world with customers and clients!

Magnify their understanding and belief that each of us has greatness within and a capacity to elevate everything in our wake with Promise.  To our organizations. Our communities. Our families and loved ones.

Yes, one keynote can really do all of that.

Take Hall of Fame Speaker status, combine it with award-winning Las Vegas entertainment, and content that moves audiences emotionally on every level and what do you have?  A keynote that amplifies your ROI. Take-aways that stay long after the event venue closes. Comedy and music that lifts every message and wows every crowd. That’s what you get – every time – when you hire Jason Hewlett. An extraordinary Keynote Speaker Experience, a joyfully engaged audience, and the Promise of personal and professional transformation.

Imagine your team members and leadership asking themselves daily, “How can I keep The Promise of our Company to my Customers? My Team? Myself? This simple shift and series of questions changes the way employees engage and deliver, managers mentor, leaders delegate and inspire, and customers connect. Instead of just leaning into traditional sales and marketing mantras – change your corporate culture for the better — forever.

Jason’s Promise?  That your event attendees will change the way they see themselves as people and as promise-makers. For their teams, their communities, and their families.

One keynote that can fuel their promise, potential, and impact on your organization and the world around them. Powerfully empowering. Positively promising.

Jason is an engaging and entertaining speaker. He can make the audience laugh but he can also inspire them to become better leaders, better team members, and all around better humans. I’ve seen Jason speak more than 5 times and every time I have laughed until I cried, and I have also left a better person - more committed to my work, and my family. It’s a rare speaker that can do that, and Jason can.

- Michelle McCullough



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