Experience The Promise

Right From the Start

Your audience will grasp
what it means to leverage their
Signature Moves
to Become a
Legendary Leader.

Laughing Until it Hurts

When was the last time
you saw joy, laughter, and engagement
on the faces of your participants
like this during a
Keynote presentation?

In the End

Your team will leave
empowered, engaged,
entertained and transformed by
the message of
The Promise. 

Through the magic of entertainment, Jason Hewlett teaches the power of becoming a Legendary Leader by guiding you through the discovery of your Signature Moves with his proven process for The Promise: Identify, Clarify, Magnify.

– Jeff Shoop, On Target Presentations

I have been strongly influenced by the best motivational speakers our world has to offer over the last 30 years. I have also laughed and admired the talents of the greatest comedians. Never have I seen a speaker combine the talents of the motivator with the talents of the comedian like Jason Hewlett does.

He may be from another galaxy!

A Hall of Fame Speaker

A Transformational Message

An Extraordinary Experience

  • 2019 Speaker Demo Video
  • No Words Necessary
  • What’s Your Moonwalk?

– Michelle McCullough, Speaker, Success Coach

Jason is an engaging and entertaining speaker. He can make the audience laugh but he can also inspire them to become better leaders, better team members, and all around better humans. I’ve seen Jason speak more than 5 times and every time I have laughed until I cried, and I have also left a better person – more committed to my work, and my family.

It’s a rare speaker who can do that, and Jason can.

What kind of leader do you want to be?
Extraordinary? Inspiring? Memorable?

In this captivating, entertaining, and high-energy keynote, world-class speaker and entertainer Jason Hewlett dares and delights audiences to take their leadership skills to legendary levels.

With humor, heart, and absolute clarity, Jason hilariously brings legends of stage, music, and comedy to life to help leaders discover their very own signature moves and redefine their promise and commitment to their teams and organizations.

The extraordinary combination of Vegas-quality entertainment and life-changing education creates an ovation-inspiring experience that audiences just can’t get enough of.

This keynote is not just good fun — it’s life-affirming, leadership-elevating, andtransformational. It’s the unlocking of secrets that propel performers from likeable to legendary. And it’s exactly the message that will have your next audience stepping into their own magic and moonwalk – and redefining their own leadership potential in extraordinary new terms.

Why set a goal when we can make a promise?

What the audience has to say

Take Hall of Fame Speaker status, combined with Award-Winning Las Vegas Entertainment, content that moves The Audience emotionally to amplify your ROI, take-aways that stay, comedy & music to engage, educate & entertain, and you have the most extraordinary Keynote Speaker Experience in the World in Jason Hewlett.

Imagine your Employees asking themselves on a daily basis, “How can I keep The Promise of our Company to my Customers, my Team, and Myself today?” This alone changes the way employees engage and deliver, managers mentor, leaders delegate and inspire, customers refer you instead of the need for traditional sales & marketing, and changes your corporate culture forever.

A Promise from Jason is that your Event Attendees will see their role as Employees, and place in this world as contributors to society, as more important than they ever realized.



Jason’s thrilled clients include

Jason speaking at NRECA

Jason’s flagship message, “The Promise”, is simple, profound, hilarious, and will put a renewed ENERGY into your Event.

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Josh McGhee, Touchstone Energy

​Jason was incredible and owns the stage better than anyone I’ve ever seen. What is more impressive is while he entertains, he conveys a memorable and meaningful message around workforce performance and staying true to one’s strengths. Every employee and organization has their own stage, and the ones that display legendary performances are the ones that last.

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