The Promise: Raising Legendary Leaders

The Sundberg Family doing the Raptor with Jason Hewlett in 2012 and again in 2019


The other day a man took my order at a restaurant.

When I began to speak his eyes widened and he said, excitedly, “You’re Jason Hewlett!  You came to my school when I was in 3rd grade.  That was the best assembly of my life!” 

Looking at his full grown beard, head balding, and the twinkle in his eye, it hit me once again how long I’ve been doing this whole being on stage thing.

It is life’s great compliment when someone remembers you fondly from their childhood as having made a difference in their lives, and equally makes you realize how old you’ve become, and you do your best not to feel or act elderly despite the gray in your beard.

What is The Promise that you have made for your life’s work?

This week I am extra pensive and sober, as we bury a neighbor & friend, a young Mother my age, who just passed from ALS.  A few days later, we lay to rest the Mother of one of my wife’s best friends, who passed suddenly of a heart attack in the prime of being a Grandma.

Once again: What is The Promise that you have made for your life’s work?

Our time here is but a glimpse, and how fortunate we are to associate, and potentially impact for good, the lives we come in contact with daily, professionally, and in our communities.

The stories at the funerals revolve around the unique and beautiful Signature Moves that made these women spectacular and unforgettable.

They made promises in life, kept them, and lived honorably.

They didn’t raise children, they raised Legendary Leaders, that carry on an incredible mantle in their memory.


Perhaps you saw this on Facebook or Instagram, but I thought I’d share it again here in case you missed it:

The other night, following a presentation for over 700 youth and their parents, the darling Sundberg family approached and showed me a delightful photo, taken in 2012, when their children were so small.  Now they nearly looked me in the eye as I stood tall and marveled at how quickly time goes.

We re-enacted the photo, had a good laugh, and I was touched by the very thought of this memory.

For them, a moment years ago, brought them laughs and joy, their parents enjoying videos and blog posts I’ve shared through the years.

And now, here they were, older, grown up, still laughing, and ready to become Legendary Leaders themselves.

A powerful feeling of gratitude that donated time to speak to these kids, this night, was carried through, and thankful for the corporations that pay me enough to be able to make a living training the leaders of companies throughout the world in order to donate my time to other such worthy causes as inspiring the Leaders of tomorrow.

As you ponder your own Legendary Leadership, your unique Signature Moves, and your willingness to magnify The Promise, I repeat and hope you’ll answer for yourself:

What is The Promise that you have made for your life’s work?



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The Promise: Become a Legendary Leader and discover your Signature Moves

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4 thoughts on “The Promise: Raising Legendary Leaders”

  1. I skip over a lot of the emails I receive each week, but NEVER yours. Always inspiring and full of great insight along with something that always makes me smile! Love your signature moves and the way you keep your promise to your Heavenly Father to empower others to keep their promises and use their gifts, their signature moves. Thank you!

    1. Janette, as I too receive too many emails and delete frequently, I understand the compliment of your message here. It means a great deal! I will continue to keep my Promise to deliver the best content I can. Thank you for the uplifting encouragement!

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