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Camp Fire in CA: What Amount of Money Justifies Keeping A Promise?

  The devastation that ravaged California in 2018 due to wildfires is difficult to comprehend. Families lost everything, many lost their very lives, and one company is now being held accountable. According to CNN, Pacific Gas & Electric, PG&E, is facing manslaughter charges as truth comes to light in the aftermath of the State’s deadliest and destructive Camp Fire. What was the Promise broken? Many in fact, perhaps unspoken and simply assumed¬†promises after getting/keeping the job, and yet made all the difference: “failing to properly operate and maintain power lines”¬† “clearing vegetation around power lines” This is unacceptable. If the
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Feel Good Promise Stories to Begin 2019

Welcome to the New Year! Always a beautiful time to reflect on the past, commit to the present, prepare for an amazing future. Throughout the Holiday Season it was fun to gather a few stories that will touch your heart and will also help bring home the value of a Promise that is relatable to all of us. Don’t think words matter so much? Consider the power between words like “Goal” vs. “Resolution” vs. “Promise”, and how they resonate to you. What words really MOVE YOU? They all carry their own weight, and yet it is when we decide to
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