Are You A Trainer?


The other day a text from an old friend led to a phone call with an unexpected question:

“We know you are usually booked to be The Speaker for events, but we are in need of you teaching our C-Level Executives how to – how can I put this – how to not look stupid on stage.  Do you train successful business leaders how to speak?”

It was a surprising call, because for years I’m the one being thrust into the spotlight (which I prefer – hahahah), and even more interesting is this was the 3rd company in the same week to ask the same question of my training abilities!

“Why sure, I can do that,” I answered, “When do you need these leaders to be ready?” 

“Next week!” was the response.

Imagine you’re in my position – You’ve spent nearly the past 20 years crafting, creating, marketing, perfecting, getting coaching, and promoting yourself to be great and so you can get on a stage, and now suddenly everyone wants you to teach them how to do your job… in a week.


The Promise in that instance was I must speak the truth: Sure, I can help with a few tweaks, but learning this craft will take more than a week.  But let’s see what we can do, because I know I can certainly help.

The requests from other companies weren’t as urgent, but still assumed immediate improvement could be made with my training and coaching.

I am currently working things out to help any company that calls to prep speeches, better stage presence and performance, improve entertainment ideas, showflow for conferences and conventions, and it seems to be a thing more than I thought it could be.

And truth is – I love it.  This is right up my alley.

For years I’ve been training Entertainers, Speakers, and others how to make a career of being on stage, with a very entertaining and pull the curtains back weekly blog devoted to it, and an affordable online video course with workbook that is as good as anything available on the subject in the industry.

However, only now in my 40th year of life, are companies approaching me to come in and teach their leaders, top sales people, anyone about to take the stage at the convention, how to do what I do.

I love the shift.

I believe EVERYONE should learn how to do this, and I would LOVE to be the one to teach them!

Soon there will be more on my web site devoted to what I can do for any organization on the backend and behind the scenes with training How To Not Look Stupid On Stage (which will be the title of the training…maybe).

The reasons I share this are:

  1. I’d love to come in and train your team, your leaders, how to be great in their presentation skills, better their performance, and to improve on stage, but mostly…
  2. What of your skillsets, and your Signature Moves, can be moved tangentially to a profitable, effective, and creative outlet that perhaps you haven’t even considered yet?

Do you have to wait for someone to call?  or has someone recommended you offer the same before you realize it?

Truth be known, I’ve had at least 50 people tell me I should do this for over a decade, and after turning nearly every request away and over to others I felt would be better, I’m realizing this really is something I’d like to do and would be good at.

And now they’re calling me.

When I talk about the process of Becoming a Legendary Leader of IDENTIFY * CLARIFY * MAGNIFY this falls under CLARIFY – others helping me see what we don’t see, although it’s obvious to them, that is part of the amazing refining process of realizing we have more than we think we do.

What is your CLARIFY?

What is your TRAINING aspect?

Others have told you, but are you listening?



Leadership Expert * Author * Speaker Hall of Fame * Award-Winning Entertainer

The Promise: Become a Legendary Leader and discover your Signature Moves

Ready to become a Professional Speaker?  Let Jason show you how click here 

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4 thoughts on “Are You A Trainer?”

    1. I believe I’ve learned far more from you than you have from me my friend, thank you for your constant inspiration.

  1. Jason, just like Sidne, I have learned so much from you. Clarity is such an interesting concept. It is real, but hard to quantify. For decades people have wanted me to write a book and for the same amount of time I have resisted, despite having 300+ publications. Writing a book is way different than an article, scientific piece, or column. When I write I want to open minds and help people see different, actionable options that can make a difference.

    One month ago, it came to me where my energy needs to be directed. There is a huge pain point in my profession. It is getting worse. As of last week, I’ve written 14 chapters on how to navigate past how we’ve always worked, with a focus on serving others while caring for ourselves. The buzz about the book is amazing. No one has ever touched this subject. It is energizing to know that I finally listened to the requests from my tribe.

    Our paths are hardly similar. Your journey reminds me that we are not alone in what we need to be doing to help make the world a better place. You give me guidance, you keep it real, your mantra about “The Promise” is always close to my heart. Thank you for your constant wisdom.

    A totally different comment…..Spent time with 25 brand new (and very young students) at West Coast University on Saturday. My keynote is 30 minutes, with a hands-on segment later. Student after student remarked that I was really funny, transparent, and approachable. Being in your audience is sufficient inspiration to understand that we need to express our talents fully and with humbleness.

    1. Anne, This is one of my favorite comments ever. Thank you for all you’ve expressed and congratulations on the nw book creation! Can’t wait to read it. I’m sure every audience feels the way WCU does, and I applaud your consistent effort to be relevant, authentic, and true to your Promise.

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