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The Work Family Saves The Day

  The other night I took the stage for a very important Awards Ceremony after being introduced as if I were the greatest performer in the world. Plugged in my iPhone which runs my 40+ music cues before my hour long Show. I introduced the first song and….nothing. My phone was frozen. I laughed nervously and fidgeted with it. And then I tried to shut it off to reboot. Wouldn’t slide touch off. Oh. My. Gosh. The pit in my stomach was beyond anything I’ve felt in a while.   AV Team began scrambling, ran up and checked all the
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cmi speaker management

If you’ve run a business you know finding the right people to help you accomplish your dream is a very challenging thing. ¬†Instead of hiring anyone, you may have tried to go it alone. In running my business over 17 years I have experienced being the so-called “chef, host, busboy, clerk, PR, HR, owner, waiter, janitor, distributor, designer and lawyer” all at the same time. Trust me – it’s not a good idea. Through the nearly 2 decades I have tried and failed to surround myself with those that caught my vision, or in most cases, found great people who
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The Promise United Airlines Never Made

  Before passing my own judgments on what occurred with United Airlines and their incredible lack of customer safety, service, and offering of dignity to passengers from the recent debacle, I thought I’d better look it up on their web site first. What does United Airlines truly stand for? What is their Promise to the Customer? I believe any of us truly wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. Yet here it is, in plain English, a screenshot from their web site and Mission Statement called Customer Commitment!     A Commitment is a strong word, but not
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