What Are You Worth?


Over the past 2 weeks I have received, no lie, over 10 requests for events from local businesses asking essentially the same question:

“What is the lowest you can do your speech / show for our company’s most important event?” 

I understand everyone wants a deal.  Heck, I WANT A DEAL for everything I want, and am unwilling to pay for, as well.

However, I’ve NEVER walked into the finest restaurant in town and said to the Hostess,
“Hey, real quick, before you seat us, we know this place is like $200 per person, but we are looking to get this lavish meal for somewhere in the $12.50 range.  I’m assuming you’ll pull out all the stops for us, since we’re a pretty big deal and it may land you some opportunities in the future when we tell our people about you.” 

I mean, that sounds absurd.

Or better yet, how about going to the best lawyer, dentist, tailor, or doctor in town and having that conversation?

My friend, here’s the real question:

What are you WORTH?  In your own mind?  In your market?  At your hourly wage?  Professionally, not spiritually, we are talking numbers here, so be frank.

I just firmed up an event for my full fee with a company that originally came to me over a decade ago with a lowball offer.

I told them no thank you way back then.  They pleaded it’s a tight year, tough times, this is a big opportunity for you, all of the claims, while I knew their event was at the nicest hotel, with the finest dining options, the biggest sound and lighting package, and the top speakers in the universe….but since I’m a local guy, and they’re a local company who is a big deal, I should desire to have their logo on my client list?

They offered me 10% of what my fee was back then.

Here we are, 10 years later.  I’ve told them no thanks with every offer for a decade.  Now my fee is 50% more than it was.

And I just firmed it today.

I got the email confirmation, looked in the mirror, tipped my hat to myself and said, “Nice”, and sent the contract.

Once again I ask: What are you WORTH?

I could have folded, talked myself into every reason (but then I’d hate myself), and in the end it all comes down to one thing –

I PROMISED myself I would retain what I feel my value is. 

And it took a decade to make it happen.

What amount of time are you willing to wait while all the rest of the world catches up?

Because heck, I know what the market will bear, I know what I am offered over and over, I also know that the client will come away screaming that they underpaid me.  I like being of such high value for the price tag in that space.

Just last week as I came off the stage, having done my Show for a very large local company, the client ran up raving, “WOW!  We have had Jerry Seinfeld, LeAnn Rimes, Brian Regan, and all kinds of legends in the past as our entertainment.  You just topped them all…and you live in South Jordan, Utah?  Why?”  

I replied, “I’m thrilled you were pleased, and thank you for the compliments.  Truth is, those artists come with a certain expectation due to their fame, and a large price tag, plus they come in from some big city.  I know my place, I know my value, I know what will be delivered, and I’m honored you’d say I am in that category.  Thank you for having me and helping me feed my family.  I’m very grateful to be the affordable option to the big name celebrity.”  

That’s what I deliver, that’s what I do, and I love being that guy.

And I know you, as the reader of The Promise blog, you have questioned your value as well.

And you’ve folded.  More than you should have.  As have I.

But since you’re reading this I’m asking you to really buckle down and ask yourself, “What is Your Promise to YOU?”

THAT – whatever you’ve decided it is – IS YOUR PROMISE

This thing called The Promise isn’t just some philosophical, ethereal, mumbo-jumbo concept…  

This is game-changing, business-altering, bottom-line moving, glass-ceiling shattering, proven stuff here my friend!

Can you hear me screaming yet????




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8 thoughts on “What Are You Worth?”

    1. Right on Bryan! I think we had this conversation about 2 decades ago 😉 Thank you for always being a mentor to me. Hope you are well my friend.

  1. Betty Jo Western


    This is so true!! Very well said! It also seems like we are worth more outside of our own area!!

    God bless you in your worth!!

    Howard and Betty Jo

    1. Hi Betty Jo! I was just telling someone I knew you the other day. Hope all is well, give the family my best.

  2. Jason, the saying goes that when you pay peanuts, you can’t be surprised if you get monkeys.

    I think the obverse is often true; when you settle for peanuts, you feel like a monkey.

  3. ….And to recall, when you called me almost 2 decades ago when I was just getting started in Las Vegas showrooms… (asking what a ‘fair price’ was for corporate event entertainment)…I gave what limited advice I could at the time and…WOW… and now to see you’ve taken your talents and expanded them and your gifts and Expounded upon them so far…and Beyond! Your show was great then… and your presentation and MESSAGE is even more awesome now, and you deserve every bit of it!! We should talk again soon my showbiz brother that I’ve come to love and respect so much!

    1. Hey Larry, really proud of you my friend. It was fun to connect way back then and grateful you gave me advice when I needed it. Yes let’s keep in touch.

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