The Evolution of Signature Moves


From 2006-2018 I had no idea I was harming people.

The message of “Signature Moves” started out innocently enough as a message to help others recognize their talents, gifts, and skills.

What I hadn’t realized was that, as Speaker and Performer, I was a surgeon of the mind and heart for the listener!

Standing on the stage I would perform the “Signature Moves” of great artists, a nearly spot-on impression, make the audience laugh, and then ask the probing question: “That was their Signature Move, and you have yours, too.  What is it?  You must find it and share it with the world!”

This was, in theory, a very good message – well delivered, met with standing ovations, even requests to return the next year.

And yet, in private, I would receive emails saying the following:

“I loved your presentation, it really got me thinking.  However, I can honestly say, I have no idea what my Signature Moves are, nor how to find them, and it’s really tearing me apart.” 

Truth is I wasn’t quite sure how to articulate the process.

Therefore, I was harming people without realizing it!


Many years ago I made a Promise to myself that I would share every gift I have in order to teach, inspire, help others feel joy, and do all I could to perfect my craft to a point where people’s lives would be changed.

If you’ve seen me speak or perform, you know there are laughs, yet you also know I am quite vulnerable and share some very heavy stuff I’ve gone through with my kids, with my own self-perception, and so forth.

Can you imagine the sadness I felt when people would message me and say, “You were so funny, and inspiring…but I’m not sure what makes me different and I don’t know how to identify it.”


My Promise has gone from simply sharing the message I have written 2 books about (“Signature Moves” Edition 1 & the revised Edition 2, both out of print), to completely dissecting what was missing in order to make it better.

My Promise to my audience and to the world is to give you power, insight, and hope, to become the Leader you are meant to be, and finally the message came together in late 2018.

I met with a friend who thinks differently than me, whom I respect, and consider a genius.  He is also a Speaker, and the kind that will expand your brain in one sitting.  His name is Stephen Shapiro, and we hung out for a few days in a hotel in Las Vegas in August 2018 dissecting each other’s presentations (I wrote about it in depth HERE, on my blog devoted to those wanting to learn how to become a speaker).

Hall of Fame Speaker, Stephen Shapiro and Jason Hewlett, take Las Vegas by storm!

With trust, respect, and truly looking to help one another, he asked me to help him make his already brilliant innovation presentation more personable and funnier, while I asked him to help me stop getting comments as outlined above from frustrated listeners and create a simple process to help the audience understand what I was trying to say.

I share this behind-the-scenes of my own discoveries in order to help you keep your promise, too.

From that time working on each other’s programs, we came up with “Becoming Legendary Leaders” and how it relates to “The Promise”.  We then went a step further and finally verbalized how one can figure out their “Signature Moves” in a process that is very simple to apply and remember:


We knew we’d found the solution when it arrived.  We high-fived and laughed out loud.  It was an incredible experience to come up with what I am now teaching to audiences that are finally GETTING IT!

The Book, “Signature Moves”, Edition 3, is now finally being written the way it was always meant to be.


If you haven’t seen this variation of my presentation I would love to return to your place of business and share with your colleagues how all of us can become the Legendary Leaders we are meant to be, by Identifying our Signature Moves, Clarifying them with those we trust, and Magnifying them with The Promise.

If you’ve seen me in the past 5 months then you have seen a revolutionary (for me at least), and ever-evolving effort, to fuse comedy, music, impressions, and a world-class show experience into a leadership message that is actually helping people identify what makes them effective leaders.

As a “surgeon” I was accidentally doing surgery and leaving my audiences openly suffering in confusion despite my best intentions for years, even while still being paid to speak, perform, and give what I thought was best.

We feel we are finally getting to a place of Mastering the process.

This is The Promise in action in my world.

What is it for you?  What is your Promise to your audience and how are you improving what you’ve been saying all along?

Enjoy this video for a snippet of what we are doing now with the message, and watch for more posts, and more videos, that dive deeper into “The Promise: Become a Legendary Leader and discover your Signature Moves”

~ jason 

Leadership Expert * Author * Speaker Hall of Fame * Award-Winning Entertainer

The Promise: Become a Legendary Leader and discover your Signature Moves

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4 thoughts on “The Evolution of Signature Moves”

    1. If you’ll reach out and ask those you’ve worked with, clients, family members, friends in community, church, every circle, just a very simple, “What do you see in me that makes me who I am, or that makes me unique?”, you will clarify this portion and it will be so incredible. I can tell this, from my perspective, you are a brilliant writer, thinker, encourager, creator, persistent, caring, you have the end in mind, and focused incredibly on the present. Hope that gives you a jumpstart.

  1. I love that you are ever evolving and are looking to constantly improve. I had no idea that signature moves didn\’t always resonate with every audience member. Now you are looking to keep your promise. I love it.

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