New Year’s Promise


In a few days we ring in the new year and yes, even the new decade of 2020!

Millions will set goals this week.

Thousands will achieve something of them.

Hundreds will stick with those goals all year long and alter their lives for good.

Tens will change the world because of what they’ve learned.

One will make a Promise which will appear to only change him or herself.

Changing The One is enough – as the effect is potentially exponential – and very well may lead back to influencing the millions!

Goals are Particulars, Promises are Proclamations.  

Set your Goals, make them count, go for it, dream big while establishing little steps to grow.

And then consider your ONE Promise, the unbreakable promise, and only make one.

One Promise. 

One Promise that will alter your life and destiny. 

One New Year Promise that will drive you to reach every dream, accomplish every goal. 

Run it through the ICM Promise Process

Identify: Ask yourself – What will make the most powerful shift in my life? 

Clarify: Whittle down the options to just one, and discuss with those closest to you. 

Magnify: Write it out as a Promise Proclamation to yourself.  

What is it?

Write it in your Journal, let it become your mantra, your proclamation, your Promise to The One.

What’s mine? 

You really want to know?

It involves fanatical rest, repair, rejuvenation, and forgiveness of a lifetime of pushing myself to limits unsustainable… that’s all I’ll say here.

Sometimes our Promise is to create more open space in time than adding to it our To-Do List.  

Subtraction is underrated, but changes your narrative.

Whether you add or subtract to your list this New Year, what is your Promise to yourself?

It must be a Proclamation so strong, a Promise so profound, so grand, or be it so simple, that it will launch us into the next half of our lives unlike any other Promise could.

What’s yours?

Happy New Year! 




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4 thoughts on “New Year’s Promise”

  1. This is so true. I have been doing this for years. However, I can see one step that I need to do better – Clarify and then share it with those closest to you. I have done the clarify process but I haven’t talked about it with those I trust and care about. I can see that this one small thing would make a real difference in the outcome. I might share it after the fact, or halfway through the year, or if I get stuck but I can see that the conversation upfront would be far more effectual. Thanks, Jason. 🙂

    1. Awesome to hear this Mary Ann. The Clarify step is something we often overlook whereas it is the accountability portion and space where we can also receive the most support from those who want to support our efforts. My best to you!

  2. THIS is brilliant Jason: ”Subtraction is underrated, but changes your narrative.”

    And this is EXACTLY what I need to my friend!
    ”It involves fanatical rest, repair, rejuvenation, and forgiveness of a lifetime of pushing myself to limits unsustainable… that’s all I’ll say here.”

    Thank you for inspiring me once again Jason!

    1. Love it, Manley. Thank you my friend for your reply here and my best to you in 2020. You remain one of my great heroes.

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