Legendary Leadership = Acknowledgement

TJ The Legendary Leader Shuttle Driver April 2019


“Hi TJ”, I said casually, loud enough for her to hear me over the roar of the shuttle.

TJ The Shuttle Driver looked in the overhead mirror, and then as if stunned, craned her head over in my direction, nearly losing control of the shuttle as we turned the final corner in the Salt Lake Airport Parking Lot.

“HEYYYYYYY!!!!” she yelped with a huge grin.  “It’s YOU!  How the heck are ya man?

I asked, “You remember me?”

She laughed, “Well heck yeah, you made me famous!  You know my co-workers found that video of you telling the story about me and they watch it all the time.  It’s hilarious.  You tell that story about me on stage still?” 

“Why yes, in fact, I am just returning home from overseas where I told an audience about you and your incredible way with inspiring others by keeping The Promise.  You’re the ultimate example for people worldwide that know you”, I assured.

“Wow, I can’t believe it.  I mean I really appreciate it.  I’m just being me, ya know?” she said, humbly.

“I know, that’s the beauty of what you do.  Just being yourself, with an unmistakable ability to lead and stand out in this world”, I stated.

As we took the selfie above I was beaming as much as she was.


If you haven’t heard my TJ The Shuttle Driver story, do yourself a favor and have a laugh.


During my presentations to Leaders about how we can become Legendary, after illustrating musical examples utilizing performances by famous singers everyone has heard of, I frame TJ’s story this way:

“If you can’t relate to my referencing stage performers to your own performance in the work place, then let me tell you how one person makes her Signature Move known and keeps The Promise every day to her audience, all while working what some may consider a fairly mundane job as an airport shuttle driver – yet she makes this an extraordinary engagement experience for every passenger!”  

I have been telling this story now for 7 years.

This was the first time I’d seen TJ since sitting awestruck that fortuitous shuttle ride 7 years prior.


On this day, I had inquired about TJ to my current shuttle driver, asking if she still worked there or if he’d heard of her.

He said TJ was actually taking over his shift after this next run!

I had just flown nearly 30 hours and couldn’t wait to get home… but wasn’t about to miss seeing TJ, even if it meant one more pass through an airport parking lot taking 10 more minutes.

To see her, and hear her be so excited to see me, it was extraordinary.

I’m so grateful she had found the video of her story online, that her peers thought it was awesome and so did she.

It begs the question: How do you acknowledge greatness when you see it?

Legendary Leadership is all around us, every day, whether at home with your little ones, your spouse, or in the office with a co-worker who has been creating greatness consistently and you just haven’t told them lately; acknowledgement is the highest level of engagement we can commit to in any experience.

Keep The Promise!

Promise today that you will acknowledge others when you see them succeed.

If they don’t smile with pride on the outside it may be because they’re crying with gratitude on the inside.



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6 thoughts on “Legendary Leadership = Acknowledgement”

    1. Yes, it’s pretty amazing. She didn’t do it that day, I assume because she had just gotten to the bus and was settling in, but she told me she still does it on her route!

  1. That’s awesome Jason! I knew immediately the story once you said the shuttle driver. I’m so happy you got to reconnect! You are AMAZING! And I’m so glad that you guys got to see each other again!

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