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The Olympics of Speaking: MDRT 2018

    “What is the biggest event you can get if you’re a corporate speaker?”, is a question I am often asked by those not in my industry. The answer has always been MDRT, The Million Dollar Round Table.  Their conference is “The Olympics” for a speaker like me. I just came off stage from my MDRT experience as their closing keynote speaker. The standing ovation was my gold medal moment, 15,300 people laughing, cheering, crying, and high-fiving, this was a fulfilling experience to say the least.  To be told by those that have been attending for between 30-50 years
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Scout Camp & Your Work Team

  Prior to the flag ceremony in front of one hundred other scouts, we faced a harsh reality: Our boys weren’t quite sure how to run a flag ceremony this new way Our boys weren’t in the proper uniform, nor were shirts tucked in Our boys hadn’t even practiced the cheer we encouraged them to prep Yes, the daunting task of convincing young men to attempt a new process, to then stick to the rules, and even show any team spirit, had fallen upon the shoulders of us two parents volunteering to help these kids out for a weeklong camp
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