Category: Reflection


The Egg

  You are holding an egg. Carefully you have just taken it from the carton and go to crack it over the sizzling frying pan.

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The Shot

  “How did you do that Daddy?!” yelled my sons after I made yet another shot off of my head from the basketball spinning trickery.

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Customer Service

The Massage

  I hate massages. But they’re inevitable…especially when it’s your wife’s favorite thing to receive and to give as a gift. For our Anniversary she

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The Promise in Marriage

  I’m in love with my wife. Shouting it from the rooftops is an ok thing to do. But it’s even more important to tell

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The Books We Read

  This past week I read 3 books: “Love Boldly”, by Becky Mackintosh about embracing your LGBTQ loved ones and your faith – the story

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May 10, 2020

  Your continued response to what you’d like me to send you during this quarantine life has prompted this week’s post, along with it being

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The Promise of Less

The Promise of Less  If your week has been anything like mine then you’ve been – * Inundated with Emails * Eyeballs burned out by

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