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Hewlett Kids Christmas & Goldie


Christmas Day was nearly 6 months ago (this next week), and it has been that long since I have enjoyed the gifts that keep on giving in our home.

That cold wintry morning, as presents were strewn about the house, wrapping paper piled high, the kids were thrilled with what we had given them, but they had something else on their minds.

Finally, when they were done opening theirs, they sat Mommy & I down to reveal a gigantic box, wrapped special, as we wondered what they had purchased for us.

Our kids are now teens, and they have incredible imaginations and personalities, so we were curious, due to the grins on the faces of all, if they had a friend wrapped up in there to do a Jack-in-The-Box scare tactic, perhaps had re-gifted some white elephant presents, or had bought us a family of geckos.

Instead, the box revealed many presents, all hand wrapped as well, in a nesting fashion, meticulously placed just right.

Mommy & I took the top ones and began to carefully open them, only to reveal something we hadn’t expected:

Individually framed pictures we would be able to place around the house of them, our children, having solicited the help of a family friend to all pose in corny, funny, and sweet variations ALA Glamor Shots from the 1980’s for us to enjoy.

We laughed as loud as possible as we opened one picture after another, to the point of tears, with photos of the kids stacked on top of each other like Napoleon Dynamite or Monty Python characters.

The dog made a few appearances, as did the family friend who took the photos, and every gift was framed, ready to be displayed in all splendor around the house.

Along with the box of gifts came handwritten notes from each child, which began with us laughing, and ended with us crying.

It hit me that our kids know exactly what their parents want: a nice heartfelt note and something to enjoy that is simple and made by them. Mostly something thoughtful that only they could do for us.


Hewlett kids Christmas 2023


The day of this post is Sunday, June 16, 2024: Father’s Day.

Happy Fathers Day to all Dads, Uncles, and Bonus Dads, to those who lead as Father Figures, and men who care for the next generation.

I can honestly say I am so grateful to know my Father is still around, now 72 years young, as he seems to have found a fountain of youth and the secret to health for turning back the clock.

A decade ago he founded a health supplement company and, in his own words, although he is “short for his weight” has created a “mulligan on life” with his product and company, Cardio Miracle.



He is also helping keep thousands of men with heart challenges and health issues alive by virtue of a product that mostly benefits people older than me, while I take it as an insurance policy and commitment to ensuring my health is at it’s peak from now on.

Less than a year ago I was taken into a vision of where my life and career were headed, as bookings had calmed from the frantic pace of the early year, and I could finally look up to see what my Father and his business were up to, as I was working on the same cycle as always: getting more bookings for my speeches.

Realizing my Father, John Hewlett, had a tiger by the tail with a health product that is reaching the masses, he and his wife, Janet, asked if I might meet with some of their team members to discuss The Promise, and work on leadership ideas for the culture of the company, since that is what I do for so many others worldwide.

Within a few months of consulting and volunteering my time, I suddenly was joining my Dad and my brother, Josh (who is a great Leader and brilliantly runs the affiliate program and customer service team), in working with Cardio Miracle, while also still doing events as a Speaker, Emcee and Entertainer around the world.

“Can I still do my gigs, Dad, and help you with your company?” I asked. 

“Of course! We need you to focus on both. You need to be out there speaking, performing, and inspiring, as if nothing has ever changed in your business, while at the same time doing things for my company that you have a gift for and aren’t the best activities I should be doing all day,” he said. 

On this Father’s Day I have to reflect on working alongside my Dad in this great endeavor, combining our talents and forces, two men who have gone to battle in our own businesses without working together, and finally joining the same team and organization, as we finally announce on this blog officially that I am doing 2 awesome careers:

  • Jason Hewlett Entertainment – continuing to thrive as I speak and perform for most that request my services, now 24 years strong in the business
  • Cardio Miracle – my Dad named me the president of the company a few months into our work together, and what a joy it has been to consult and advise his people while under his mentoring and tutelage

The more I am around my Dad, the more I realize how special it is to work with such a brilliant human, who is revered by so many.



When people have asked me for many years who the best speaker in the world is, without hesitation I say my Dad, as that’s how I’ve always seen him.

We don’t know how long our time will be in this great endeavor, but I will not let the time pass while he is still healthy and on this earth to not spend quantity time together. Life is too precious. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and very well could be a generational moment for our family legacy, to continue that which he has created from the dust.

I am often asked, as I sit down to interview a new job candidate, or make videos and marketing material with Cardio Miracle, by those who know me as the speaker and performer, what I am doing working with a health supplement company?

I simply remind them that it is my Dad who is the Founder & CEO, and say, “When I began my career 20+ years ago I needed the contacts, connections, and introductions my Father made for me to get started and succeed in my business. When we realized I could help his company this far into my own career with all I have learned, how would I NOT jump at the chance to work with my Dad on what he has built and to help him ride off into the sunset of his success?”

It has been such a joy to see burdens lifted from him, responsibilities and obligations shifted, seeing him finally take a vacation, a break, sit and enjoy an hour of not having to push so hard…as he has done for 55 years of his life.  All the while mentoring me on how he thinks, his philosophies, his dreams that need to be fulfilled.

He continues to push himself because he can’t rest, he loves to work, he’s the equivalent of Paul the Apostle preaching and teaching Nitric Oxide supplementation to any who will listen, since he believes it will save your life as it has his, but now it is him doing the best parts of the business that make him the most effective, as the great networker, marketer, and salesman he is.

The Orator.

When he speaks he moves people.

I’m still trying to get there.

I think of my own family, my children, and how I want to see them succeed and do their lives the way they want, succeeding in their chosen fields and careers, and hopefully I can help get them started to blast off to the moon. Equally also wondering what it would be like to have the family business continue on into the future, whether in showbiz, coaching, or the health industry.

JHE has made it’s mark, and continues to.

Cardio Miracle is making an even bigger mark on the world, and it is thrilling to be a small part of the present trajectory that my Father has created.

When children Keep The Promise given in the commandments to Moses, to Honor thy Father & thy Mother, there are few joys in life which can compare.

Whether honoring your parents means jumping with both feet into working side by side in a new career opportunity together in your forties and seventies, or taking photos to make gifts that keep on giving to spread love throughout the home all year round, all of it is good work, God’s work, if we just allow it to happen.

He is The Father, after all, and He knows best.

The Best Father’s Day Present is to follow what you’re called to, keeping the Promise, living The Plan.

Happy Father’s Day.


Hewlett kids Christmas stack


~ Jason Hewlett

Husband, Father, Writer, Mentor, Hiker

  • Speaker Hall of Fame * Award-Winning Entertainer * Mentor
  • World’s Only Keynote Speaker utilizing entertainment, musical impressions, and comedy to teach The Promise
  • Author of “The Promise To The One”
  • President of Cardio Miracle.  Go to to take your health back! Use coupon code HEW2024 for 15% OFF your order.



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