Who’s The Sellout Now?


20 years ago at this time I was being offered the opportunity of a lifetime in Las Vegas: to be managed, produced, and mentored by the people who brought my hero, Danny Gans, to Sin City and helped make him a star. Then I would have a residency at multiple locations throughout California and Nevada before perfecting my new show and headlining The Strip as the new star in town.

They said I was the next Danny Gans, I was 25 years old.

Due to what my show would have needed to morph into in order to keep the Vegas promise of a new brand they had just adopted, a slogan of “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” I decided to do what seemed insane at the time by walking away from the biggest fast track any person could dream for, and even still to this day, makes me wonder what could have been…although I know I made the right choice for my life.

2 decades later I have a happy family life, my eldest daughter graduates from high school this very week, we have put roots down in my home state, are grateful for our community life, all while I have had multiple variations on my career that are all dreams come true:

In between all my travels, I never thought I’d have the opportunity ever again to have a “residency offer” as an Entertainer in the right situation, after being blacklisted from Vegas for turning them away….until now.

Fortunately, God is in charge and has led my path, and blessed me with incredible friends along the way.

I hope you feel the same for yourself, as it is the best way to live and receive His blessings.

Last year at this time I received a phone call I wasn’t expecting, but it continued a conversation that was had decades prior.

It was Mark Dietlein, co-Founder (with wife, Sally) and CEO of Hale Centre Theatre, in Sandy, UT, the father of my best friend since high school, Quinn (who discovered I could sing), and has been my closest friend for 3 decades.

Mark and I had a conversation when I was beginning my career in 1999 that someday it would be fun to do The Jason Hewlett Show at the world-famous and revered family-friendly Hale Centre Theatre.

Mark kept the promise – calling me, he said, “Remember what we talked about all those years ago? Are you ready for me to keep that promise? We want to have your show in our theater as a one-time run and residency that aligns with our brand. We’ve never done anything like this. Can you do your show next Summer 2024? We’d like it to be a Tribute to Elton John, Billy Joel, and the best parts of your retired show, even 25 years after our conversation of wanting to have you perform your incredible show here”. 

Stunned, and absolutely not thinking I’d ever have the chance to have my own venue, if even for 9 days, in my hometown of Sandy, UT, I was in shock to think this could happen for me as a dream come true at HCT.

I agreed immediately, and within days of the 9 shows being announced, they sold-out so fast the theater asked if I could do 2 per day. 


Here was my announcement of it last year in case you missed my video and excitement.

Pushing it to even do 1 per day, we are going for 2 per day on the weekends, and thanks to having lost 40 lbs since last August, drinking my Cardio Miracle and cranking the workouts in the gym, singing and getting in showman shape, I am ready to take this on.

13 Shows in 9 Days. It’s going to be amazing! The band, the production, staging, all of it will be epic. It may be a one-time thing, we’ll see!

I feel stronger than ever, and my wife thinks I look the best she’s seen me since my “Legends in Concert” Ricky Martin days when we got married, just salt & pepper and bearded, like a fine non-alcoholic wine (whatever that is).

Every single night is sold-out! 2 of the 4 afternoon shows are sold-out, and there are only tickets left for the 2 Friday afternoons.

I guess you could say I’m (nearly) a total sellout.


So, I need your help – whether you live in Utah, can come to these shows or not, would you be willing to help me be a true sellout? 

I have linked tickets and dates HERE if you’re willing to promote this to your friends and family on my behalf of fulfilling a dream – even sharing it on social media or gifting tickets to someone you know who can make it.

July 26 and Aug 2 are the open dates at 4 PM. 

Who knows? If it goes so well, perhaps I can do this again in coming years. I’d really love to. It helps me keep The Promise in so many ways I may write about further.

Thank you for helping me live The Promise, for your support and encouragement.

Let me know how I can help you live yours, as God guides our paths to prosperity, happiness, health, and love.

I hope to see you at the shows, and if not, thank you for your willingness to read this blog every week.

P.S. The story doesn’t end there…

Guess who is the Director of my Show? You guessed it: Quinn Dietlein!

Guess who is playing multiple instruments in the band for my shows? His Amadeus-esque son, Cameron!

Unbelievable how our lives are led when we strive to keep The Promise.


Quinn Dietlein and Jason Hewlett, Founders of The Waterford Troubadours (circa 1995)


Quinn Dietlein and Jason Hewlett (2023)


~ Jason Hewlett

Husband, Father, Writer, Mentor, Hiker

  • Speaker Hall of Fame * Award-Winning Entertainer * Mentor
  • World’s Only Keynote Speaker utilizing entertainment, musical impressions, and comedy to teach The Promise
  • Author of “The Promise To The One”
  • President of Cardio Miracle.  Go to CardioMiracle.com to take your health back! Use coupon code HEW2024 for 15% OFF your order.



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10 thoughts on “Who’s The Sellout Now?”

    1. Always working on new material, my friend. For this show I am working on what will be for me over an hour’s worth of new material in the sense that I am learning all of these Billy Joel and Elton John songs for the first time with the opportunity to play and sing them with a band. Putting in a ton of rehearsal at the piano to learn these (brand new for me) parts.

    1. Thank you Andrew. It would be a tall order to have you come all the way from Florida, but yes sir, it will be a fun time for sure.

  1. Jason… we just purchased out tickets for July 26, 4:00pm show and we are really excited to see you perform again. We have told all our family and friends to see your show because we want you to have every show sold out. Lots of luck my friend.

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