I Am Who I Am That is That


This past week I was reintroduced to this most powerful and uplifting song: “I Am Who I Am That is That”.

It came on the heels of receiving another round of very hurtful comments, messages, and other difficult things people send me due to my writings, opinions on social media, and leadership roles across multiple organizations.

I listened to this song while trying to consider how to respond to such attacks.

I am coming to a new level of peace as I navigate this wonderful thing we call life.

As the negativity hit me, and as my heart felt damaged, I had to consider if I could take anything back I had said and make peace between what had been expressed, and that’s where this song lands for me.

I am who I am that is that.

And within that, was able to also see those who send the tough words my way to be thankful they are who they are, and I’m thankful for that as well.

I just hope for “Joy to the World. Peace on the Earth. God bless the children, how we love them.”

Many thanks to those who support the work I do, and I wish for you to keep your Promise to continue in the face of opposition to expressing yourself in the way only you can. These are your Signature Moves, your Leadership voice, and your Promise.

Many thanks to those who oppose my work, beliefs, and efforts, as it drives further my purpose, deeper into a foundation I didn’t know could be so strong.

Keep The Promise this week, my friends. Be a lighthouse despite the storms raging around you.

Special thanks to Guru Singh and Seal for this incredible and inspiring song.

The most thanks to my partner in teaching & coaching, as we wrap up yet another life-changing 3-day retreat with our students, as she reintroduced this song into my life, the master coach Cheryl Knowlton. I’m honored each moment we share teaching together. You ARE The Promise.



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~ Jason Hewlett

Husband, Father, Writer, Mentor, Hiker

  • Speaker Hall of Fame * Award-Winning Entertainer * Mentor
  • World’s Only Keynote Speaker utilizing entertainment, musical impressions, and comedy to teach The Promise
  • Author of “The Promise To The One”
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18 thoughts on “I Am Who I Am That is That”

  1. Cheryl Knowlton

    I am a joyful, sobbing, unspeakably grateful hot mess over here – reading this beautiful message today.

    Thank you for sharing this song in THIS context. I now love it even more. It truly blows me away that anyone could say anything negative or hurtful to you or about you – when you literally ARE THE PROMISE!!

    This concept of loving despite other’s negativity is a new level of living The Promise for me. As you well know, I have a couple of haters myself – People who don’t see or love or appreciate my intentions.

    And I don’t deal with it very well. It’s very very hard for me. Thank you for shining your brilliant light in the world. Thank you for reminding me that we can all live the promise in both sunshine and storm.

    You are one of the most incredible people I have ever been blessed to know.

  2. Thank you for the reminder to embrace who I am, to share my message and to serve others. It was an amazing three days of work and fun!

  3. I can’t imagine what anyone could possibly find negative to say to you Jason. But I have learned when someone criticizes, it is really about things inside of themselves they are dealing with, not really who they are criticizing. I don’t think you need to do or say anything. Thank you for sharing this beautiful song.

    1. Thank you Paula. It is perhaps better to know there are those who oppose than not have anyone oppose anything at all.

  4. Jason,

    You are amazing. You have a way of helping others see their worth and I know you have found favor with the Lord.

    I will ALWAYS find myself grateful for having your sweet spirit in our lives!

    Press forward in faith always!

  5. I love your Sunday emails. This one was especially moving. Thank you for your wonderful, strong example.

    I had to screenshot “Many thanks to those who oppose my work, beliefs, and efforts, as it drives further my purpose, deeper into a foundation I didn’t know could be so strong” for my own heart. So good.

  6. I am so grateful you are brave enough to take such a stand with all the criticism it brings. I’m grateful for you for that! The light you bring is massively huge. Makes sense it would be opposed.

  7. Seriously. Why do people feel inclined to be hurtful, especially to someone that wants to bring nothing but good to the world. Forget those guys, Jason! You got a tribe cheering with you and for you. Thanks for all the great things you are doing for so many.

    1. Thank you Eric! It was so great to hang with you this past weekend. Thank you for inspiring me. I’m doing push ups right now.

  8. Jason, just keep being the good, kind man you are and do the right thing because it is right, letting the consequence follow. What good man you are, and the difference you are making is palpable. The fact that you have criticism for striving to do the good you are doing says you’re heading in the right direction.

    1. Jason Hewlett

      This means a great deal Randy. Thank you for your encouragement and I’m grateful to have a new friend in my life in you.

  9. Michael Lowry

    Jason, stay strong.

    Having a 40 year career in law enforcement, sometimes I received less than positive feedback about my work. There are going to be those days where everyone wonders what their impact is on society and individuals. I kept all the positive letters I received over my career. I read those notes and letters when I needed to refill my tank. I taught that lesson to the recruits I had the honor to train and mentor.

    1. Love it Michael. So true. I do the same. And I’m sorry you ever got anything less than positive for a career of such importance. Thank you for your service.

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