You Never Know

David Foster and Jason Hewlett 2014 Vancouver


Years ago, this very weekend, I was performing in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada at a party high above the harbor in a setting that is reserved for the rich and famous.

The pink hue of stage lighting blinded me from knowing who was watching, as party goers walked by and didn’t seem to be paying attention.

Singing impression after impression, story upon story, mixing in humor with insight, I wasn’t sure if anyone was enjoying it, so I just kept going.

The Promise is to perform no matter who’s watching, to give your all even when we don’t know anyone cares.

When I came off stage, standing there was David Foster, music producer of the stars.

He offered his hand and said, “You’re one of the most talented vocalists and performers I’ve ever seen. I actually don’t know how you just did all that you did with your voice. Well done, kid.” 

Yes, THAT David Foster!

I had no idea he was there, along with famous movie stars, legends of show business, and people who can make your career with the snap of their fingers. I was just hired to do the gig and was only told to be funny and do an hour – no other info given. Yes sir! 

David Foster and I sat and had a nice discussion for over 20 minutes about the careers he has launched, his friendships with many of those I had done impressions of, and how wonderful of a tribute I had done to them.

I told him of my aspirations to become a speaker and author, mixing in my performing to make for a presentation that hadn’t been created before.

We took a photo and he couldn’t have been more encouraging.

He was soon distracted and taken away by a famous attendee, as I sat thinking, wow, you never know who’s watching, who’s in the audience.

I didn’t know if anyone was watching at all in the first place!

You never know if David Foster is in the audience.

Thankful I kept The Promise. 


Recently I read a blog by Seth Godin that sums this whole concept even better than my story, so I’m sharing it here, and hope you’ll also subscribe to his legendary blog that comes as inspiration daily to millions.

SETH GODIN: 5-6-24

She’s Here! 

Some restaurants keep a photo of the local reviewer in the kitchen. The thinking is that if someone notices she’s in the building, everyone can up their game.

And some musicians wait eagerly for A&R person to be in the crowd. If they really kill it tonight, a record deal might ensue.

The most resilient approach, of course, is to act as if.

What if this is your most important post, or your last one? What if the email you’re sending is going to be forwarded to your boss? What if…

We can’t know for sure. But we can act as if it’s going to happen.

~ Jason Hewlett

Husband, Father, Writer, Mentor, Hiker

  • Speaker Hall of Fame * Award-Winning Entertainer * Mentor
  • World’s Only Keynote Speaker utilizing entertainment, musical impressions, and comedy to teach The Promise
  • Author of “The Promise To The One”
  • President of Cardio Miracle.  Go to to take your health back! Use coupon code HEW2024 for 15% OFF your order.



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