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Recently I was talking among friends about my Health Promise and daily routine of going to the gym by riding my bike back and forth before and after a challenging workout.

I love this routine, as it is downhill, takes 15 minutes, and is the perfect pre-workout exercise as I joyfully fly to my gym, VASA.

I then push the weights in the gym as hard as I can for 30-45 minutes, sit in the sauna for 10-15 minutes, and instead of returning to the parking lot to my car (as I will in the winter when it’s snowing), I put my helmet on and begin the arduous climb uphill to my home on the bike, which takes about 20 minutes.

My buddy razzed me by saying to our friend, “Yeah, but remember, it is an eBike!”

They laughed in my face, both much more fit than me, as they would never resort to using an eBike due to their histories of triathlons, OrangeTheory and CrossFit, and it was a friendly dig among pals, but also certainly rubbed me the wrong way.

I was surprised this was brought up as a subtle slight to my valiant efforts, as if I were “cheating“, and truth be known: I have used the eBike feature only 2 times out of about 40 when returning up the hill, both times in hailstorms that came out of nowhere in our monsoonal high desert summers, as I got caught unaware of the weather issues and would have been stranded without the eBike assist option.

I mentioned this but the ribbing continued, as if the workouts didn’t count since I had purchased, and was utilizing the beneficial incredible features of, an eBike.

Candidly: I avoided buying a bike for years because of the hills for which I couldn’t make it up and knew it was pointless.

Until the eBike option came along, I couldn’t even consider getting around this area of hills, mountains, and challenges my body has never been capable of conquering, resorting to the “walk my bike up the hill of shame” while dudes in spandex onesies rode by me on their $10k+ Fezzari’s by their own superhuman strength while listening to a book by Lance Armstrong on Audible.

Oh, the irony.

Last summer I finally pulled the trigger and bought a more than I wanted to pay for it TREK eBike. I rode it happily 3 times and then…broke my leg. The injury came while playing basketball with my sons, and you can imagine how thankful I’ve been to ride this bike this year, as a perfect therapy, for both body and soul.

To know I have the option of turning on the eBike assist mode when I absolutely am in need of it is a great comfort and allows me to go where I never could have before!  I recommend an eBike for anyone that has been wanting to get on a bike but doesn’t feel they can make it up a hill…it’s a miracle for people like me.

I have enjoyed exploring many new places due to having an eBike, and it has greatly enriched my life and happiness this summer.

And that brings us to the power and miracle that is AI and ChatGPT.

If you haven’t logged in and tried these advances in technology out, it may be the most fun I’ve had working or writing in years.

Recently I was stuck on a concept, and needed to come up with some content that just wasn’t coming no matter how I wracked my brain. For hours I struggled alone.

Then I logged into ChatGPT.

I hadn’t had much success with it prior, and wasn’t impressed. But I watched a tutorial that really opened my mind and learned the key phrase: “Garbage in, garbage out.” I needed to give it better suggestions, ask the right questions.

I asked a few very specific questions and, within seconds, ChatGPT had articulated for me what was missing from my own thinking.

I was astounded at how great it was!

It wasn’t exactly what I needed, rather it sparked my mind to create on top of what it gave me.

It was as if I had another version of my own brain sitting next to me, collaborating, taking suggestions, but from a different point of view.

ChatGPT is the eBike of ideas! 

I tested it further – “Can you write a talk about…”

It was pretty good! Not perfect, but it triggered all of the pieces I needed to then fill in with my own stories and ideas.


I then learned of an AI program that allowed me to load in full length videos 10-15 minutes long, which I had previously paid a lot of money to produce, and asked it to make shorter and appealing 30-60 second social media clips.

Within 8 minutes I had enough content for the next month on social media, which would take a normal editor weeks of back and forth between my instruction and requests and their trying to get it right.

Were the edits perfect?  Nope. But we can edit them from where it got us.

These are the beauties of integrating technology into our lives – to help us get where we couldn’t before, alone, on our own, yet still needing to put forth the effort, ask the right questions, and still do our part.

I sent it to my team, we are utilizing it’s power now. We’ve never gotten this amount of work done so fast, so efficiently, so joyfully!

It isn’t a substitute, it is a collaborative effort, and honestly, that’s the word I have to use: a JOYFUL one!

Discovering these latest options have amped up my life in business, in health, in joy as a human being.

I find that fascinating and exciting.

It helps me live The Promise that much more.

You may wonder – did ChatGPT help me with this blog?  Not today, it’s just me writing it as I normally would. But in the future, yes, I very well may send it through after writing my normal way and say, “ChatGPT – shorten and improve my writing from a 5 minute read to a 2.5 minute read and keep it just as interesting, entertaining, and joyful.”

But today I’m going it alone, like the guy on the bike who doesn’t need the eBike assist to get up the hill…

I can still do it, but as I move into the future, it’s nice to know I don’t have to go it alone.


How about you?

What has been your experience with ChatGPT, AI, or even an eBike and other tech that has enhanced your life and helped you live The Promise?


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~ Jason Hewlett

Husband, Father, Writer, Mentor, Hiker

  • Speaker Hall of Fame * Award-Winning Entertainer * Mentor
  • World’s Only Keynote Speaker utilizing entertainment, musical impressions, and comedy to teach The Promise
  • Author of “The Promise To The One”



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15 thoughts on “eBikes, AI & ChatGPT”

    1. Knowing you, I think you’d get a kick out of ChatGPT. I might recommend you log in and ask it a few questions, something like: Write a blog in the style of Louise Griffith. You’ll laugh and you’ll be surprised.

  1. I have yet to try an e-bike! Something to look forward to!

    I also do love Chat GPT! It’s a fabulous spark to my own creativity (and brevity!).

    I’d love to know more about the video AI you are using! That definitely sounds joyful!!!

  2. That was an interesting read. I’ve not gotten an e-bike as of yet, due to my age, 73, thinking 3 wheeler might be way to go. Haha. Thanks for the insight!

  3. Love this bit written by the Raptor Man!

    …walk my bike up the hill of shame while dudes in spandex onesies rode by me on their $10k+ Fezzari’s by their own superhuman strength while listening to a book by Lance Armstrong on Audible.

  4. You reminded me when I was riding my mountain bike in the Tour de Phoenix. Yes a heavy mountain bike with wide tires! It was my first bike race and I didn’t fully understand the benefits of a road bike YET. As these Lance Armstrong look-alikes sped past me, going up hill on their lightweight titanium bikes that cost as much as my car, I yelled out “I want to be like you when I grow up!” They laughed and left me in the dust! I was thrilled I finished the race! Fast forward we now live near mountain trails in Utah and we realized we aren’t as fit as we used to be. We shopped for e-bikes and the salesman could read my husband’s mind. He said, “I can tell you’re an athlete and you think this is cheating!” My husband laughed and agreed. The salesman said, “If it gets you out riding, you still get a workout even if you do use E-assist to help you up a hill, and that’s the beauty of it!” Sold!
    I have used AI to stimulate my mind when writing. I can totally see your analogy! It is definitely a joyful collaborative effort for me but I need to watch the tutorial you did! Will you please send the link?
    Besides ChatGPT, do you use another AI program for your writing?
    I’m still impressed you ride your bike to the gym and back, especially after your patellar tendon tear!! 🥰

    1. Karen, this is an amazing comment, thank you for sharing. Yes, the cheating thing is a real issue a lot of people have, but what I’ve found is I can’t use the assist without pedaling, so it’s the same. It’s as if the wind is at your back instead of slamming your face. In terms of writing, I’ve only tried ChatGPT. Regarding the training, his name is Ford Saeks and it was a private webinar – if you look him up and mention me, he may have a link to it that he can share. He’s a genius.

      1. Thank you! I’m with you…any pedaling counts! I call it a win just to be moving, and it’s a bonus when it’s outside! Thanks for the recommendation of Ford Saeks! You’re a wealth of information! 🎉

  5. One time I was riding my dirt bike (motorcycle) on a trail and ran into one of my friends that was mountain biking. He said “you should get a mountain bike!” to which I replied “dirt biking is like mountain biking, except fun” He didn’t think that was funny but I did 😉 I still don’t have an e-bike but my brother does and I rode for quite a while on a trip we were on and I thought “this is a lot like mountain biking, except fun” I have just put so much money into gasoline powered dirt bikes that I haven’t pulled the trigger on an e-bike yet.
    On chat GPT I have had a ton of fun with it, I have used it to study topics that interest me but haven’t used it for anything professionally yet. Great tools and technologies, I love seeing how things get used. Thanks for your great insights every week!

    1. Really great comment Joseph, thank you for sharing. I’m glad this resonated with you. And yes sir, it’s amazing all of the advances in tech, and how it’s affecting our lives in every way. It can be for the positive or the negative, just how we look at it.

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