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The Broken Winch

  For nearly a decade, we have relied on a steel cable winch to lift our swim spa cover up and off to the side,

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Leaving the Seat Up

  My wife has been gone for a week. I miss her. The kids miss her. The dog Goldie misses Mommy so much I found

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Words to Remember

  As school starts back up for our children this week, it is Senior Year for our daughter, and we have 3 kids in the

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Sandbags to the Rescue

  “If we don’t fill and place over 1,000 sandbags in the next week we could lose The Ranch.”  For over 100 years, our extended

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The Unavailable Barbell

  Whether you can tell by looking at me or not, I workout every single day (except Sundays). If you accidentally touch my arm then

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