You Missed It: Live2Lead

Live2Lead hosted by Promise Institute Co-Founder Allen Roberds

If you weren’t with us in SLC the past few days then you missed out in a big way.

Our Live2Lead event was a HUGE success, and the ultimate launch to The Promise Institute.

It was incredible to sit back and watch as our Founders led the way, guiding the VIP Experience with The Leadership Game (which blew people’s minds), a world-class filet mignon meal, networking with some of the most wonderful leaders you’d ever want to meet, and enjoying a full day of some of the best speakers on the planet, cultivated by John Maxwell.

I even had the chance to stand outside and greet attendees!


I am so proud of Allen Roberds (pictured above), who brought JMT’s Live2Lead to Salt Lake City, a big investment and risk, in case people don’t show up, and he was masterful leading the VIP Experience Leadership Game, and the entire day for us as Emcee & Host.


I am so proud of Heidi Totten, for her bravery in sharing how The Promise Institute began, speaking following Jamie Kern Lima’s powerful story, and adding to the value of what was said in creating one’s Promise Impact with her own story of launching and keeping The Promise.


Live2Lead Speaker and Promise Institute Co-Founder Heidi Totten

I am so proud of Bud Heaton, who hasn’t given speeches in public settings like this, and how he not only nailed sharing his story of making One Promise that changes your life, and following Jef Henderson’s powerful presentation, but also for being the brains behind the marketing and web site for all of this.


Live2Lead Speaker and Promise Institute Co-Founder Bud Heaton


To have a room full of inspiring, aspiring leaders, who want to improve and are now armed with the tools to do so, was a joy.

Watching people sign up for our Promise Legacy Mastermind and join our Inner Circle, as the first to jump in, was profoundly moving.  These are the ones who will move the needle of their lives.  Attending one event is a great start, but making the commitment to be all-in on making it stick moving forward is literally the linchpin for success.

The Promise Institute is underway!

We will be talking more about the podcasts forthcoming, workshops, coaching, mentoring, events you can attend in person or virtually, speaking and communication masterminds, and so forth.

In the meantime I hope you enjoy a few photos and videos from the event, with more certainly to come, as this will be held annually.

Those who came said their lives were changed!

Some even flew in for it!

So amazed.  What a great experience.  Hope you’ll join us next time if you missed this one, because if you did miss this one, you really missed out.


Live2Lead VIP Experience The Leadership Game


Live2Lead Attendees


Live2Lead Testimonial from Attendees


Live2Lead Attendees Taking Notes


Live2Lead John Maxwell


Live2Lead Speaker and Promise Institute Co-Founder Jason Hewlett


~ Jason Hewlett & The Promise Institute 


The Promise Institute Co-Founders

Promise Culture Keynote Speaker

* Speaker Hall of Fame

Author of “The Promise To The One”


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