Who’s Your Jordan Gibby?


Is there someone on your Team that you rely on and are extra grateful for this week?

Let me tell you about one of mine.



Just wrapped up my 5th day of 4 Virtual Events this week (thanks to that old feisty COVID-19 mess we’ve all been dealing with), and I am exhausted, excited for the future, and exhilarated.

The final event of the week was a 2-Day Virtual Conference where I was the Emcee/Host and tasked with being the LIVE component of the event, tying together all of the pre-recorded content of Keynote Speakers, Executives, and more, while keeping the Energy, Engagement, and Enjoyment UP.

To Emcee an Event with over 1,000 participants in their homes is not only a bucket full of pressure, but when you are tasked to Produce and “push” content, pre-recorded video, tie it all together, is a TALL ORDER.

I posted a video recently about the stress of just getting on a call for a performance, and that about kills a presenter when things don’t go right…now imagine running nearly every aspect of the event AND being the presenter!  Craziness.

Sometimes we over-promise!

Now, before I go further, I just have to say one thing to COMPANIES GOING VIRTUAL:

Well Done!

Seriously, it takes guts to go for it. To still have an event, having only done LIVE Events in the past, and then transitioning to VIRTUAL is a completely different universe for Event Professionals.

None of us understand how audio, video, recordings, multi-media, streaming, all of it works…unless we have already been in that space…so I applaud everyone going for it.

And those that go for it, need amazing Team Members with EXPERIENCE in it already.

Cue TEAM MEMBER Jordan Gibby, because of him all went spectacularly with this Virtual Event!

  • We received 22 Pre-Recorded Videos the night before the event (around 11:47 PM…) and Jordan stayed up ALL NIGHT balancing the audio so it was perfect for broadcast –
  • We had challenges within the platform during the BROADCAST and getting things to work while integrated with ZOOM and Jordan figured it out like a Captain in a stormy sea –
  • He sat next to me the entire conference with a back-up computer, ready to roll if anything failed on my computer, along with other back-ups if those failed –

And then he went and over-delivered on something I wasn’t expecting would even be an option as the PERFECT way to END the conference, on both days, rather than the way that was planned…and the CLIENT WAS IN TEARS OF JOY.

Here’s the text from the end of the first day:



The Promise is to do what you say you’re going to do and then over-deliver on The Promise.

Jordan does that every time I work with him.

We are now fully capable of producing, Emcee’ing, providing Entertainment, Keynote Speeches, Pre-Recorded or LIVE, all from the comforts of my HOUSE.

It’s a miracle.  It’s amazing.

I feel bad for the companies that don’t believe having and hosting a VIRTUAL EVENT works, is effective, or is possible for them – as the attendees went bonkers for this 2 Day event.

I am literally being told NO EVERY SINGLE DAY by companies telling me they refuse to even try having a Virtual Event, or feeling a “Jason Hewlett Performance can only be experienced LIVE”…that’s just not true, and I have had to pretty much search for and sell to an ENTIRELY NEW CLIENTELE of Event Professionals brave enough to go for it.

If you want to know more about Jordan and how he can work magic with your VIRTUAL event please message me and maybe – MAYBE – if you’re nice, I’ll put you in touch 🙂

So here’s Jordan and the story of how he over-delivered, what he created before my very eyes in realtime, and how he utilizes his Signature Moves, keeps his Promise, and hopefully I’m praising and acknowledging him enough with this post and video to stand by the graphic that begins this post and now ends it:


Enjoy this VIDEO of our incredible event with the fun, darling, confident and empowered Women & Stylists of Ruby Ribbon (and if you don’t know who they are, you should – because they’re amazing – and Ladies, you’ll be thrilled with what they offer, it will change your life!). 



jason hewlett 

Leadership Expert * Virtual Keynote Speaker * Speaker Hall of Fame

The Promise




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4 thoughts on “Who’s Your Jordan Gibby?”

  1. Very nice! Way to go Jordan! I am also glad to be introduced to Ruby Ribbon because I decided a decade ago that bras were not for me. Anxious to look at the alternative. : ) Thanks for sharing.

    1. Good for you Mary Ann, they are a great company with awesome products. Jordan has really changed my business. Grateful for him.

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