Worth Jail Time

A man who had served in four tours of duty for the US Military, received three Purple Hearts, experienced extreme difficulty integrating back into society due to PTSD, anxiety, and having nearly been killed multiple times in war.

Once back home, veteran Joseph Serna was on probation for his alcohol struggles, which he used to fight the demons of his mind.

Sadly, the Judge had to sentence the decorated serviceman to one night in the county jail.

Shockingly, Judge Lou Olivera, after driving Serna to the jail, joined the fellow military man in the jail cell for the night so his comrade could make it through and have someone there to talk to, as the Judge too had served in the military in the Gulf War.

The article from WRAL says:

“A judge’s act of compassion has a former Fort Bragg soldier promising to get his life back on track.”

This is the ultimate Promise story – a Judge following through on the accountability of sentencing someone who had broken the rules, while equally doing what he felt was right in order to help the man make it through one more ordeal.

This is an older story, but a timeless example, of what a Leader can do to become Legendary, sharing a Signature Move of compassion, which any of us can cultivate, and keeping The Promise to serve another in need.

Do you have a story like this you would like to share?  I love receiving them, and extra thanks to my friend and longtime advocate of the Signature Moves brand, the great Thomas Cantrell, for sending this to me to pass along to our readers.


~ Jason Hewlett 

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2 thoughts on “Worth Jail Time”

  1. Yes!

    You are right! I am indeed a long-time advocate and admirer of your Signature Moves brand and when the lovely Signature Moves ran delighted. Then they had babies! Such wonderful children, then grandchildren, and great-grandchildren Signature Moves and The Promise have given the world.

    Thanks for another heart-touching post, Raptor Man! I have a story to tell you in private that relates to this post.


    1. I appreciate your thoughts and inspiration greatly my friend. Thank you for sharing this post with me, and for your continued encouragement.

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