What Do NYC, Honda, & The Homecoming Dance Have in Common? The Promise To The Family


This morning my wife and 2 oldest sons finally hopped a flight to NYC for a trip we have promised all of our children for their 13th birthdays.

Seeing Manhattan when you’re from Salt Lake City, Utah is like going to…Manhattan.

There’s nothing to compare it to, it’s so astounding.  Maybe Mars?

Sadly, Redford turned 13 in the beginning of the pandemic last year, and then Romney turned 13 this year just as we were all down with COVID.  Financially it just hasn’t been a possibility.  But then –

The other day we revealed that I have cashed out all of my SkyMiles, Marriott points, and donated my appendix to science (which surprisingly wiggles it’s nose!)… and they are thrilled to be going to NYC!

I can’t wait for them to experience it with their travel savvy and fun Mom.  NYC with Tami is like any trip with her, she’s the funnest person you could ever travel with.  I’m so excited for them.


Our youngest, the Royal boy, turned 10 on Tuesday.  No more single digit children in the Hewlett household!   So sad.  But wonderful to watch these kids grow up.

We surprised him with the greatest gift of his childhood, his version of the Red Ryder BB Gun, but this was a Red CRF125f HONDA motorbike, which he has saved up for years to buy.

Having purchased his own electric bikes since he was 6, he has saved over $1,000 for this one, that needs real gas, has an electric start, clutch and gears, etc.  We gave him a little model version of one to keep dreaming, while telling him they are sold-out nationwide (which is true), but that we’d go look at the SOLD ones (as we do monthly) to help his Law of Attraction motivation to continue saving money…and we tricked him into getting it for his big day.

The video is epic, and what a special moment!






Our sweet Ella is now in mid-teen years, about ready to get her drivers license as our eldest child, and last night she attended her first Homecoming Dance.   Oh my goodness.  How many dads recommended I use the line upon greeting her date on the porch with a gun:

“Look young man, I don’t mind going back to prison…”  

He’s a nice boy, she’s a beautiful girl, this is a most amazing time of life for our children.

The struggle for weeks has been WHAT TO WEAR TO THE DANCE?

To Daddy, no dress is modest enough.  If I could have her wear a beekeeper suit, I would.

“We’ll just install a little fan inside the bee suit, you’ll be fine.  Dance!  Enjoy yourself.  You’ll be a little sweaty, but you’ll be fine.  At least you’ll be dressed the way a dad wants his daughter to be dressed, and heck, at least you don’t have to wear a mask since you’ll have a helmet on!”


Enjoy the Homecoming Dance my child


Mommy has helped with this process, there have been more Amazon packages coming and going from our home, purchased and returned, in an effort to find the right dress, it has been almost as crazy as March 2020 when I was buying so much equipment for my virtual gigs the Amazon people just stayed on our porch for a month ringing the doorbell.


What a life!

What a time!

What a crazy busy experience!

For the past 2 years we have had to cut so much from our life due to survival mode and the state of the world.  Things are opening back up a little each day, and hopefully to continue.

And so, we are leaning into the opportunity and doing all we can to create magical moments while we can, since the children are still somewhat youthful and life is beautiful.  It’s not convenient or even good timing if you ask me, I’m nervous about the next 120 days with the volatility of events and 2022 looming, but let me ask you:

What is the definition of good timing?

We must do all we can to live now!

This is The Promise To The Family.

Candidly, I have been VERY busy doing events, whether finally having the chance to deliver on those that were booked in 2018/2019 that were scheduled for 2020, and pushed into 2021, or simply the latest ones booked this year.

I’ve been on the road.  I’ve been on Virtual from my home.  I’m just grateful to be back at it.

Amid the craziness of life back in full swing, we have children growing up fast.

We are in PrimeTime!

That also means Promise Time. 

What do NYC, HONDA, and the Homecoming Dance all have in common?

The Promise To The Family is to still be 100% Present in creating special experiences, investing in dreams, and being All-In with every child’s great life moments, even when it is uncertain for us as adults.

Each child has special and significant dreams, goals, and yes Signature Moves. 

How can we equip our children with what they should have to succeed?

This is Family Leadership, and not waiting until the “time is right”, but rather doing and living life right now is of the essence.

We are exhausted, and it is exhilarating.  Living Life To The Fullest.

This is PrimeTime!

How are you Keeping The Promise to your Family today, tomorrow, and into the future by investing in theirs?

(and if you need me, I’m just hanging out on the porch polishing my BB gun)



Want to ramp up your Family Leadership? 

I would love to help you become a Promise Leader and learn how to recognize the Signature Moves of those you LEAD in your Family, Team & Organization.

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~ Jason Hewlett & The Promise Institute 

The Promise Institute Co-Founders

Promise Culture Keynote Speaker

* Speaker Hall of Fame

Author of “The Promise To The One”






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4 thoughts on “What Do NYC, Honda, & The Homecoming Dance Have in Common? The Promise To The Family”

  1. What a great experience and life you and your wife are creating and enjoying with your children! I love getting your weekly email’s Jason, I hope to see 1 of your live shows again someday.

    1. Thank you so much Suzanne! We are thankful for the life we have, and hope to keep doing and creating wonderful moments.

  2. So refreshing to get caught up on your family and their adventures/experiences. I am still laughing at your comment you thought of saying when your daughter’s date came to the door “I don’t mind going back to prison!”

    Saying prayers for the success of your event at the end of the month.

    Blessings, Louise

    1. Thank you Louise! These are incredible times of their young lives, and of ours. Grateful for your example and support of me.

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