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What is your Promise Impact?

Recently my friend, Heidi Totten, perhaps one of the greatest Impact Makers I’ve ever known, told me she and her gal pals were going to do a “WALK TO WATER” for women in Kenya: each of her friends walking 100 miles over a month+ long adventure.

I asked if I could join in.  She said I’d be the only guy, but of course I could walk along with their efforts.

So, for the last month+ I’ve walked over 100 miles!  I think I’m actually close to 150.

By the end of this stretch I hope to be near 200 miles.

Here’s a photo of today’s effort, which ended up being 6 miles.


My 2-Hr Hike Today = 6 Miles


In support of women who have to walk way too long in order to get water for their families, I have dedicated time, effort, and my body to this cause.  Some seriously sore joints, hips, and feet.

It has been joyous!

I love stuff like this, which actually makes a tangible difference.

Since Heidi knows the people the money we are raising in our walking efforts is going to, and is even headed to Kenya next week to let them in on the news of what we’ve done as a group, I am even more excited about this cause.   Read more about her writings on this HERE.

Heidi has taken over 20 groups to Kenya in the past few years and does incredible work with her 100 Humanitarians.   She LIVES The Promise, and that’s why we founded The Promise Institute together, because she says what she’s going to do and then does it.  A rare thing in people these days!  That’s what I love and admire about her.



And so, I am asking for your help!

Would you be willing to donate something for my efforts to walk 100 miles?  Anything?  Even $10 helps these women as we get water to them.

The details are at this web site, along with the names and faces of those who have been walking along with me, in our own efforts, places, cities and communities.  I haven’t met most of the women walking, but feel joined to them in this.



I have dedicated my walking to a beautiful woman named Evelyn Jeffries.  She became quite sick over the summer and we prayed fervently that she would be spared.  She was!  And I noticed she wasn’t on the list of people walking.

She has served as a great inspiration for me through the years, as both a fantastic writer, editor, thinker, doer, independent woman, leader, promise maker and keeper, and someone who has been to Kenya, knows the women this Walk To Water will help, and has helped build much love and important facilities for the people there.

Evelyn Jeffries is Heidi’s Mother. 

I figured, if Evelyn could physically do all of the walking at this moment, she would, alongside Heidi.  But the timing was off for her this time.  And so, in my footsteps she is walking and joyfully keeping The Promise.


Evelyn Jeffries in Kenya with her daughter, Heidi Totten, granddaughter, and friends


It’s been a fun Promise to make and keep, in committing to do this Walk.

Please consider giving what you can, and know your money will go to a wonderful and real cause.

Hope you also watch my video below about it.

What’s your Promise to Impact others you’ve never even met?  

This is one of mine.



~ Jason Hewlett 


The Promise Institute Co-Founder

Promise Culture Keynote Speaker

* Speaker Hall of Fame

Author of “The Promise To The One”




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