Tsunami: A Raw and Rare Example of The Promise To The Team


For years, my wife and I have enjoyed the incredible sushi of Tsunami, in particular their South Jordan, UT location.

This place is ALWAYS packed.

Lines out the door oftentimes, and has been that way since it first opened in our community.

Tsunami’s Signature Moves: Be the best, high end choice for sushi. 

Their Promise is that the sushi is fresh, delicious, and is the top spot to get delicious Japanese food on a date with a loved one or just meeting/impressing the important clients for a business gathering.

Tsunami has remained extraordinarily busy through these tough 18 months past, as they consistently provide a Promise Customer Experience (PCX), while equally have a wonderful, friendly, lively staff.

I’m on their mailing list, and was shocked to see this email sent as a part of their newsletter last week.  

What do you think?



This is incredible to me – that they are closing on Sundays for this reason!

FYI: They’re literally crazy busy every day of the week.

Did you notice their reasons?

It’s not for lack of customers.  It’s for caring for, and engaging, their people!


The Promise To The Team:

  • “Improving work/life balance of our wonderful team members.” 
  • “Enable our staff to be able to spend more time with their families, pursue hobbies, improve their education and generally be healthier and happier.”  
  • “We believe that giving all of our team a full two days off every week will enable them to come to work more energized, motivated and ready to give all of you an even better, more hospitable Tsunami experience.” 



3 Steps To Promise Performance from Your Team: 

  1. Care about them as Human Beings.  Know their limitations, acknowledge the burden put upon them, come up with solutions to honor their lives outside of work.
  2. Give them Encouragement to Grow!  To be with their families, to be happier.
  3. Create an Environment that Celebrates Achievement at Work & Aspirations at Home

My hats off to Legendary Leaders, Scott and Kris, for this incredible example of taking care of your people!

The Promise To The Team is to remember:

Your TEAM doesn’t work FOR you, they work WITH you!  

Doing all we can to lead effectively through Promise Leadership while creating a Promise Culture can often mean giving more space to breathe, even when we could easily turn up the expectation and offer more incentives & rewards.  In today’s marketplace, everyone needs a respite, a recharge, and a reward that can’t be padded in the pocketbook that is more precious than any other gift:


How are you cultivating a Promise Culture in your workplace like Tsunami?

Share below.


Keep The Promise.



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~ Jason Hewlett & The Promise Institute 



The Promise Institute Co-Founders

Promise Culture Keynote Speaker

* Speaker Hall of Fame

Author of “The Promise To The One”




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12 thoughts on “Tsunami: A Raw and Rare Example of The Promise To The Team”

  1. I also respect Tsunami for their decision to close Sundays for the reasons they are choosing. My sense is that they will end up making close to the same income at the end of the week. ( no proof…just a strong “hunch”.
    Your lessons to us are also very good.
    Continue to do the good work you are doing in the world, Jason ( and team)
    Many blessings,

    1. Totally agree with you – It’s the Chick-Fil-A principle that they will make as much or more because of this. Great thoughts my friend!

  2. I think a lot of people work too much, often to the detriment of other parts of their life. Recently a leader of mine said, “Don’t run out of loved ones before you run out of career.”

  3. I love this Jason, great article and thanks for sharing! I have massive respect for organizations that prioritize people over profits. It’s the right thing to do and ironically can drive massive profits and a sustainable business that people love to be part of, both as an employee and as a customer.

  4. In a BtoC newsletter it reads:
    “For most of us, our day off is our busiest day of the week. Our day off just doesn’t have enough time in them to do everything we need. We need 48 hours just to get those done, and when do we relax and take a breather?”
    Kudos to Tsunami for recognizing this. Good things will come your way!

  5. I second what my dear friend Manly said…. thank you for sharing Jason. You are a very accomplished man in many things… writing has become one of them. This is a great share.!

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