The Unspoken Promise

Tuesday: My dear friend posted on social media that her mother had shockingly and unexpectedly passed away a few days prior.

Reading this on social media from my hotel room in Reno, NV, where I was stationed with events for nearly the whole week, I was saddened to not be able to race to her side and give a huge hug.


Thursday: The details of the funeral were posted for Saturday at 11 AM as the start time.

My flight was scheduled to leave Reno on Saturday at 2 PM, as I knew my Friday night would be late, perhaps up until midnight with client obligations.


The Promise: If there is anything we can do to support those we love, we will do it.

I quickly rebooked my flight, for the only option to get home in time.

The infamous and ever dreaded 6 AM flight.

This is an unspoken Promise.

It isn’t expected. No one knows where I am, how hard it may be to get there in time, the challenge ahead, the sacrifice, but it doesn’t matter, as The Promise is more important to ourselves to do whatever it takes, even if it means we suffer a little in the process of being there for those we love.

Truth is – I had only met her Mom one time.

That doesn’t matter.

This is my friend’s Mother.

And now my friend’s Father, whom I was very endeared to through a few interactions, had lost the love of his life.


I had to be there.

This was not a goal, this became a Promise.


Friday: I finally return to my hotel room after performing and doing my work by midnight, packed and asleep by 1 AM.


Saturday: 4 AM wake up call. Rescheduled flight leaves Reno at 6 AM. Land in SLC at 9 AM, Uber 30 minute drive home, put on shirt and tie, drive as fast and safely as possible 30 miles south to make the 11 AM funeral in time with my amazing wife accompanying me.

10:45 AM: Arrive in time to give hugs to friends and loved ones before the funeral begins and we celebrate the life of a great Mother together.


Promise kept. 

Why do I share this?

Because you’ve done the same thing, and you would do the same, even going to greater lengths for those you love than matters for your own comfort.

This is an Unspoken Promise.

It is not expected, never assumed, just something you do if and when you can.

You have stories beyond what you realize when you have kept The Promise.

I admire that about you.

I receive stories like this all the time, and am hoping you might be willing to either share an example below, or send them to me privately.

In what way have you kept an Unspoken Promise lately? 


~ Jason Hewlett

Husband, Father, Writer, Mentor, Hiker

  • Speaker Hall of Fame * Award-Winning Entertainer * Coach & Mentor
  • World’s Only Keynote Speaker utilizing entertainment, musical impressions, and comedy to Create Legendary Leadership through the Power of Commitment
  • Author of “The Promise To The One”



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10 thoughts on “The Unspoken Promise”

  1. My best friend of 25 years has been through some incredibly difficult things the past decade. I was away for 6 of those years, but sent many encouraging cards and we talked often. I recently moved back to the area. She called me one day and asked if I could go with her the next day to celebrate something important to her. I said yes even though it meant rescheduling a chiropractic appointment that I really needed. I’m so glad I did, we had a wonderful time together.

  2. Eight years ago my father rather unexpectedly passed away. My mother was left grieving and barely able to function. We (her children) knew she needed to sell the house and downsize because she lives in a heavily wooded area that requires quite a bit of yard work. Part of the hold up to sell the house was sorting through 30+ years of accumulated “stuff”. Through our childhood, whenever we were “done” with toys instead of sending them to the local thrift store we just put them in “the attic.”. That attic was jammed packed with clutter! After three years of my mom struggling to get a handle on sifting through everything in her house, I took an entire week in the summer with my younger brother to power through getting it all out. Leaving my own family of four children (with another on the way) at home with my wonderful wife, I flew back home and worked and worked to get it cleaned out in the attic. It was a bear, but my brother, my mother, and I managed to get it all out.

  3. I love reading what you write. In 2017, my mother passed away from cancer and 3 hours later my dad unexpectedly passed of a heart attack. It was the worst time in my life, as one might imagine. The grief some days was unbearable. I tried so many things to help heal. With the support of my husband and four kids, close family and friends I had to do something to help myself. In the months following, I recalled the funeral, cards and how so many people shared the kind stories of the kind things my parents did for them. Not always big things but all kinds of little things that made a big impact. I knew my parents were good people but had not realized full scope how great they were to others beyond family and close friends. It sparked an idea that led to creating a non profit we now call Unimaginable Hope. We raise funds, write grants and accept donations to carry on the kindness of my parents and spread it in the world like they did. We help others on many platforms to make an impact. Each spring we host a Rockin Oldies Party, a 50’s/60’s dance Party that raises the majority of funds we use to make a difference. My parents loved to dance and now through UH, this event and the things we do…it helps me carry on their legacy and spread kindness in their memory! It is rewarding and makes my heart feel better too. Their unconditional love helps me keep the promise…through Unimaginable Hope. As long as you have hope, anything is possible! Even healing from traumatic grief.

    1. Krista! I can’t imagine what you went through at that moment, and how you have come to creating UH is the ultimate way to honor someone in our grief and make their legacy live forever. This is one of the best comments I’ve ever read. Thank you for sharing and for who you are! Promise kept!

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