The Story of The Stuck Dog


This is The Story of The Stuck Dog.

I was out for a walk last night and had a most extraordinary experience.

Feeling sorry for myself amid the current situation of losing work, the panic and fear of the virus pandemic, an earthquake near our home last week… I walked and talked in a therapeutic conversation into my voice memo recorder on my phone, while wandering aimlessly off the path I usually go.

This night I was seemingly led to a place where no humans were in sight, as the sun began to set, rain starting to come down, and came upon a huge construction area at the end of our community.

In the darkness I heard a dog barking.

The dog was stuck in the new cement foundation of a home with deep window wells.

This is the story of how I, inspirational speaker by trade, wondering how I’m going to make a living in this world now, as I wandered and felt sorry for myself, feeling useless in all aspects of life, and yet was equally led to help someone, in this case a dog, in need.

In my uselessness I was useful.

The audio only portion of this recording that happened to be captured on my voice memo begins near 10:20.

This story is meant to bring hope to those wondering how essential they are at this moment in time as the world is gripped with fear and concern due to the COVID-19 and how we must keep on walking, keep going, perhaps even on new paths, in new directions, even when all seems hopeless.




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