The Sad and Happy Miracle


Stories like this just don’t happen.

My sweet Mother-in-Law was on her deathbed in need of a liver.

She was saved by the miracle that ensued, within the tragedy of my wife’s dear friend’s Mother’s shocking passing, which began the organ donation process that saved a life.

Jeannie Poch saved Diane Staley’s life while hers slipped away.  This story is bittersweet, faith promoting, painful, and beautiful, all at once.

That’s how miracles are.

Somehow, Jenny Thompson made the connection to help her friend, my wife, Tami, during her greatest trial, to help save my Mother-in-Law’s life.

Friends & now, Sisters.



This incredible story is now being shared worldwide, and we hope you’ll take a moment to read this wonderful article, or watch the video below, as it is being covered by multiple sources nationwide.

The video is by Donor Connect, and the article by LDS Living.

Our family has a strong faith, so please note there is faith language included.

On top of sharing this amazing story, please also consider organ donation.  Make certain your family knows your wishes upon your passing, as it could very well save a life, and allow your legacy to live on in great ways.

Make a Promise today to be an Organ Donor.

More importantly, believe that miracles happen even in tragedy!

So thankful for the Poch and Thompson Families, without whom this story, and miracle, even in a time of heartbreaking sadness and loss, created life, and would not have happened.

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Jenny Thompson, Tami Hewlett & Diane Staley



LDS Living Diane Staley & Tami Hewlett


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