The Rebel & The Promise

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A little over a week ago I sat at my home office desk and wrote a letter, with tears in my eyes, to my family.

It was to be my final thoughts, hopes, and dreams for them.

I left it in my desk drawer to be found in case I never returned home from the longest trip I’ve ever taken.

Not sure if you’ve had those sobering reality-check thoughts and fears in anticipation of your travels, but they go through my mind on occasion.

This time it was due to my first trip to Malaysia, flights over oceans, in countries I’d yet to travel.

Obviously I’m now home, having traveled in air some 60 hours, only to spend a quick 48 hours on the ground in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia itself, a roundtrip to crush all others and my mettle for airline survival from Saturday to Wednesday.  Wow.  Crazy.

Why would I share such an intimate detail into my psyche with you?  My deepest fears, concerns, and worries which we all want no one to think we ever have?

Because writing this letter to my family was a time for reflection and I had but one testament for them, and it turns out, the message was the one I share with you on a weekly basis: The Promise. 

This is my life message.

Standing on stage in Malaysia, in front of 5,000 people from over 15 countries, direct translations in their ears, I shared the message of The Promise.

Before stepping on stage I asked the event planner why, of all speakers on planet earth, they would choose me.

They said it was simple:

Who shares a message of commitment and promise in such an entertaining, hilarious, and yet profound way that can connect with every language using music, comedy, faces, voices, and stories? 

They wanted the funny, but they mostly wanted the life-changing message of The Promise, commitment to family, to Be Present, to be brave enough to live different than what everyone else says is the right way. 

And they confirmed it: Only one person can share that message, so we brought you to Malaysia.

I was humbled they feel that way, and yet energized to realize they believe as such in me, and it gave me confidence to take the stage and completely own my place in this world.

Writing this blog, sharing what I do with each audience, I actually feel like a Rebel.

What I speak about and the books that are finally coming out of me seem to be coming from a place I haven’t tapped into previously.

You may not like where my words are headed in the future, but they will challenge your very message that you bring to the world as well.

That’s YOUR Promise.

And so, in honor of The Rebel who embodies The Promise greater than any I’ve ever known, and as today my family celebrates His Resurrection for our salvation on Easter Sunday, I want you to think of what you believe in, what you stand for, where it comes from, what you are willing to share, what you hide from, and whose side are you on?  

In this world of political correctness and debilitating divisiveness, where we stand in silence for fear of not offending or ruffling feathers, while the loudest among us win the battle, while the silent cast votes as neighbors wonder who is who, I invite you to stand for something, to be a voice, to reach further, to be what you are.

I don’t care what position you take, I will not judge you, I respect your take on life, albeit completely different from mine, just PLEASE own it for once!

Over 2,000 years ago during the Passover celebration, a man came into Jerusalem and called everyone out on their lack of actually living what they knew they should.  Customs had taken over, culture was accepted as more important than real covenants.

He was The Rebel, and He was crucified.  And I believe this whole story.  Whether you believe it or not, you should check it out and read The New Testament.  It’s the Greatest Story Ever Told.  #BecauseOfHim

His name was Jesus of Nazareth, it had been said there was nothing of good that ever came from this place, and yet He changed the world and I believe He is The Christ.

He is Risen, and Because of Him my family believes in our life purpose, we celebrate this miracle today especially, and always.

As you race to the UNSUBSCRIBE button, and I invite you to if that’s what you need to do (it’s at the bottom of your email), I want you to first consider as my parting message:

What inspires you to be who you are?  

What provokes you to action and to act with courage? 

Who do you read that moves you? 

Why are you the way you are, the person you are, and have you discovered that which makes you different from all others?  

No one in history gives me confidence like Jesus The Christ.  To share my message, to bravely do something on stage that others would be scared to perform, to present, to share.

I hope you feel that same courage in living your life!  From something, someone, or somewhere.

Whether you agree with me or not isn’t the point – the point is: What is your Promise?

Are you conforming? 


Are you firm in your resolve that your path is the one you should be on? 

Are you wimping your way through life?


Are you standing for something you believe in? 

YOU ARE NEEDED – YOU as YOU – Your Signature Moves that make this world a rich and diverse place, your Voice that makes you uniquely YOU, your Legendary Leadership that makes you effective, engaging and incredible, your Promise that only YOU can deliver!

In what ways are you The Rebel?  

And what ultimately is The Promise to you?



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8 thoughts on “The Rebel & The Promise”

  1. This, very seriously, is the best post you have EVER written. Thank you! I can’t wait to see what comes next for you! You are changing lives, including mine. 🙂

  2. Great work Jason! Love to read these thoughts that come straight from your heart! Keep up the great work, the world (and my family) needs you!

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