The Promise to The Audience: Your Customer


Have you ever been to a concert of a LEGEND and expected to enjoy ALL of their Classic hits?

Nothing better than when a LEGEND delivers on the Promise to sing the songs you paid to hear as an Audience.

Ever been to a concert where the Artist didn’t keep The Promise?

I went to a concert once, the Performer says, “I’m pretty tired of everyone shouting out the songs they want from me, the ones you expect to hear and I’m sick of playing, so tonight instead I’m going to play only the songs from my new album.”

Boom!  We were ticked.  Not riot mad, but like when you still eat the salad after finding the hair in it mad.  And then you leave a 9% tip instead.  And then you just don’t go back to that place.

Why is keeping The Promise between you and the Audience, another word for Customer, so essential?

Well I know this: if “new songs only” performer comes back to town, I’m not going to that concert, he’s not a promise keeper.  However, if LEGEND comes back to town, then I’M THERE, I’ll pay DOUBLE, I’ll even stand in a line and get emails filling up my inbox just to know he’s going to be back, because I know he keeps The Promise.

Legends keep Promises.

That’s why we love them.

That’s why we still go to their concerts even when they should be dead and gone, older than a dude ought to be in Rock n’ Roll, but they are still propped up on their guitars, oxygen tank next to the ash tray, hammering through a set.  Man I admire that one.  Delivering incredible experiences for us that last our lifetimes.

Legends provide for us an Engagement Experience unlike any other, as the highest level of any customer experience is a Promise.

You don’t walk into a store and see a sign that says,

“We’ll do what we can to try to be good.”

Ok – as a Customer I accept that….if I hate myself.

No!  That’s unacceptable in terms of Customer Service, Mission Statement, Leadership.

Every Store that cares has the sign in your face:

“WE PROMISE to deliver the highest satisfaction you can find anywhere, we guarantee it or your money back!”

YES.  Thank you.  I deserve that.  I’ll shop here.  Oh, it’s more expensive?  No problem, I’ll pay a higher premium for better quality service and products.

When congruence matches, or better, exceeds the experience between what is promised and what is delivered:

We become Raving Fans.

We become Promoters of that experience and of that Promise Maker.

We become their Marketers, Talk about them on Social Media, and sometimes Tattoo them on our bodies – think Harley-Davidson, Sports Teams, butterflies!  (that last one didn’t help, but you get the point)

Those that keep their Promise to the Audience become Legendary.

ALL of us are expected to PERFORM in whatever career we are in, so in essence, we’re all PERFORMERS on a STAGE.

In other words, we will go to that store chain and drive ridiculous amounts of time, out of our way, to be loyal, stand in line, spend extra money, etc.

I do this with a few brands, maybe you can relate?



Maverik Country Stores

Lifetime Fitness





Mountain America Credit Union



Park City, Utah

Longhorn Steakhouse

Tony Robbins

What are yours?  (Comment below if you have some to share and want to tell us)

You have them.  They are the ones you return to over and over and over, AND tell everyone else about why they should join you.

In other words, in these experiences the Commercial is exceeded by the Reality.

I LOVE these brands, the engagement experience I have with them, I am loyal to them, and what they deliver is what I want.

Saddest thing in the world is when the Commercial is better than the Reality.

Like the Artist in Concert you expect to enjoy singing along to his HITS and all he does is under-deliver.

Sorry buddy, I’m not coming back for your show that you performed only for you.  Lost me.

Like the girl who went to the restaurant with her Dad, and as she’s leaving, when asked by the Hostess, “How was your meal?”, little girl replies, “My compliments to the photographer!”

Does the meal you are serving match the beauty of the photograph?

What Promise are you keeping to The Audience?

If you are in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Event Planning, Leadership, heck – no matter your position or industry – YOU HAVE AN AUDIENCE, you are on stage, you are The Performer, you have a Customer!

How are you Keeping The Promise that is your Mission Statement, Your Brand, delivering and sharing your unique gifts that you and only you bring to make it so we keep coming back because you are LEGEND?


~ jason hewlett

Jason Hewlett, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, is a Keynote Speaker for the largest corporate events in the world. His primary message, The Promise, is essential for Leadership, Management, Sales, Marketing, Direct-Sales Companies, and is a combination of engagement and entertainment meets inspiration.  Jason has even received standing ovations from IT guys.  He has been acknowledged as life-changing by Conference Attendees, C-Level Executives and Hollywood Elite.



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6 thoughts on “The Promise to The Audience: Your Customer”

  1. I have that kind of loyalty to a newer brand, Stance. Best socks on the market and I never thought I’d enjoy paying $15 for a single pair of socks!

  2. I have that commitment to a few brands as well- Scentsy because they are more than a business they are a family and they don’t sell their products they share them. Because I believed so much a became a member of the Scentsy family. I also feel that way about Apple & Amazon because I know they will deliver top notch quality products. I also believe in an up and coming Southern Rock/Rhythm & Blues group Backwater Still. They are amazing guys and I think they will be the next big thing!

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