The Promise to Neigh at Every Horse Statue

da Vinci Horse Statue at Frederik Meijer Gardens

Have you ever found yourself alone in a park, it’s freezing cold, the sun setting, and you stumble upon one of the world’s largest horse statues? How wonderful!

A horse statue over 2 stories high, since I’m a statue nut, this was extremely special to see.

I also fancy horses, and the sounds they make, as I have never heard a horse make the neigh whinny noise without having to do it back immediately at full voice, and then needing to run for my life as it thinks either I’m picking a fight or might be it’s new girlfriend…

So, I was delighted that all of these factors came together for me to laugh my head off, alone in an outdoor statue park, as I filmed angle after angle, enjoying this special moment with the horse and my neigh whinny at full bore.

Enjoy these ridiculous videos as perhaps, very likely, I am the only one who will find them funny.





What was even more delightful was reading the history of this statue, as I didn’t realize it was the idea and design of my artist hero, Leonardo da Vinci, which had never been able to be realized in his lifetime, and was finally created centuries after his death, by master sculptor, Nina Akamu.

It resides in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, the Frederik Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, MI.




Before flying there, I told my friend, speaker and mentalist, Sean Bott, I was headed to Grand Rapids, one of the few large cities left in America I had never visited. He immediately insisted I had to visit this one of a kind location.

Normally, I fly in and fly out of every city I speak in. But this day, perhaps to afford me enough time to visit this special place, I had previously booked the earliest flight possible and somehow had the time to make it happen and go to this park, even if it was freezing outside.

My friend Sean keeps The Promise every day to enjoy the subtlest parts of life most allow to pass by (most meaning: me), such as insisting on a meal with a friend, the beauty of a perfectly placed word, and taking every chance to visit museums that lift his soul. Since I know he keeps that Promise of filling his life with richness, I realized I had to visit this garden park and museum.

Thank you, Sean, for your example of living The Promise.

I’m glad I took the Uber and made the effort, instead of staying in my hotel room eating beef jerky, sardines, and working on my presentation the following day.

I’m grateful I kept the Promise to myself – which very likely is not a Promise you’ve ever made to yourself – but is one that is important to me and my enjoyment of life: If I see a horse statue, I must neigh as loud as possible.




This Promise has horrified many a confused passerby over the years, as I can’t help myself, indoor or outdoor, to neigh at every horse statue I see.

How wonderful to once in a while be alone and do this with absolutely no shame, just pure joy, and rip a whinny to the ends of my voice and into the sky.

What’s your Promise to yourself to keep life fun, such as The Promise to Neigh at Every Horse Statue?


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~ Jason Hewlett

Husband, Father, Writer, Mentor, Hiker

  • Speaker Hall of Fame * Award-Winning Entertainer * Mentor
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10 thoughts on “The Promise to Neigh at Every Horse Statue”

  1. Proud to be one of the people who clicked through just to listen to your horse impressions. Also that second video made me laugh out loud, could see that doing well on TikTok. Haha.

    1. Thank you my friend! I’ll see if my kids can figure out how to resign into my TikTok and post that video for me, great suggestion!

    1. LOL! Thank you Tom, I appreciate that I can bring fun and laughs along with the other good things when it calls for it.

  2. Thanks for your fun blog Jason. As a horse lover and horse owner, I’ve heard my share of horses whinnying and neighing over the years. I’m just not sure I’ve heard any that sound quite like you. Lol. But it’s a fun one and gave me a laugh.

    1. LOL! it’s certainly a ridiculous impression, but fun for sure, and I’m certain you’ve had many great experiences with your horses.

  3. Jason, you are full of surprises! I saw you speak to our Navy Command in San Diego and you did your velociraptor sounds, and now the horse whinny! Love following your inspiring blogs focusing on keeping promises. I strive to do that and have tons of fun along the way.

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