The Promise of Community During Social Distancing


In the past week more memorable moments have happened between our front room (video social shares) and front yard (friends performing) than perhaps over an entire year.

Below you will find all of the stories and wonderful videos you don’t want to miss!

From friends stopping by (who are now on the news and having their videos go viral worldwide), to my being asked to be online daily by friends serving their followers in an effort to add to full-on COMMUNITY closeness!

Yes, we are quarantined, and hope you are doing well during this fascinating time.

But social distancing doesn’t mean absolute social isolation and disconnection. 

We can still be very connected, in fact, I feel more connected to my community now than quite possibly I ever have before!

That means others are showing up like never before, and our family has been equally creating for the online community at a rapid rate.

In my brand new and FREE online course launched last week, called

“The Promise of the WFH (Work From Home) Parent During COVID-19 & Coronavirus Quarantine”

There is an entire segment on The Promise to Your Community

I hope you’ll check it out, it’s Category 4 under Module 6 (if you prefer to skip ahead).

It has been inspiring to see what others are creating, while trying my best to add light in a world wracked by fear.

We are under lockdown – encouraged to remain in our homes – but while we do have time to go outside for a daily walk, we are still ok to go spread some love whether in person or online.

I hope some of the following stories and videos inspire you, as they have us & those worldwide, and that you’ll LIKE and SHARE them with those that need a lift today.


LINK to LinkedIn and YouTube for VIDEO below of The Dietlein Family Band, “Waiting for James”.

For more info, SUBSCRIBE to them at YouTube, Follow on Facebook, and Instagram


For more info, SUBSCRIBE to them at YouTube, Follow on Facebook, and Instagram

If you’re like me, you can’t get enough of this family.  Enjoy another video below –




Boondocks, a Family Fun Center in SLC, UT, asked me to read a story to the children watching online while their doors are closed.  Of course this is the book I chose, “The Dog Poop Initiative”, by my dear friend, Kirk Weisler.

LINK to LinkedIn and YouTube




The Brian & Alison Clark Family arrived to sing a beautiful rendition of a favorite religious hymn called, “I Know That My Redeemer Lives” and warm our hearts this past Sunday as we prepared for a week of Easter celebration.

Click here to see the post on Facebook



I was asked to Go LIVE on Facebook Live for Hi Five Live this past Tuesday night – they reach thousands with each episode and I hope you’ll consider joining their community.  This is a faith-based presentation, if you want to click the image below and watch.



My Amazing friend, Las Vegas Headliner, and one of the best Speakers, Entertainers and Emcees in the Business, Jeff Civillico has added into his workweek a Juggling with Jeff Workshop which we joined last week and LOVED.  You should check it out!

*Jeff Is Offering FREE Livestream Juggling Workshops For Families Every Tuesday, but you need a Reservation *

FREE Tuesday 11am PT juggling workshops are now by reservation only (thank you, Zoombombers!) haha, so please email Jeff’s office at to reserve your spot.



Speaking with Workman Success Systems Founder, Verl Workman, and hundreds of his real estate clients for an awesome video webinar livestream from my home office, and he from his.  Talking about WFH Work From Home strategies for Parents in this new and challenging time.  Click Here to Watch.



My friend and amazing musician, Director of Commercial Music at BYU, Ron Saltmarsh, played one of my favorite songs ever called “Scatter Sunshine” and it blows my mind how he did this over-laying the music with his performance harmonizing with himself!  This was on Facebook.


"Scatter Sunshine" …seems appropriate for the times! I have always loved playing the acoustic guitar. Afterall, it was my first guitar and what I played on for many years before I picked up an electric. A few years ago I was asked to do some 'unconventional' arrangements of a couple hymns. This was one of them. Thought I would pull it out from under the covers and share it.

Posted by Ron Saltmarsh on Wednesday, April 1, 2020


I also joined in the fun by doing a BedTalk, this one about ways to get out of bed in the morning when quarantined.

Watch on LinkedIn or YouTube



And then there is Rob Ferre!  Rob is one of my very good friends, a Keynote Speaker, Entertainer, Emcee, and also now goes from community to community leading social dance parties from the middle of the street as DJ Rob.  If you’re interested you should have him come to yours!

Facebook post and accompanying news story below


eSpeakers an amazing company helping speakers connect with meeting professionals and bureaus, invited me – of ALL THE SPEAKERS they could have chosen – to be the Launch Video of their NEW YouTube Channel called:

Why I’m (Still) Happy!

Hope you enjoy it and SUBSCRIBE to their channel, as they’ll be inviting some of the best in the world to make fun videos from here on out!



How are YOU keeping The Promise to Your Community at this time when it is most essential to connect?

Continued prayers to you and yours at this time, and Happy Easter.


Leadership Expert * Author * Speaker Hall of Fame

The Promise

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4 thoughts on “The Promise of Community During Social Distancing”

  1. Such a quintessential “Jason Hewlett post” – somehow always finding the time to support friends, and highlight other people’s work… IN ADDITION to cranking out more content than any of us could ever dream of! An entire “Work From Home” FREE online course??
    Incredible. Not to mention being a role model husband, father, and everything else 🙂 I’m honored to be included on this list with friends like Rob Ferre.

    *FYI my FREE Tuesday 11am PT juggling workshops are now by reservation only (thank you, Zoombombers!) haha, so please email my office at to reserve your spot. Thanks Jason. Keep shining bright!

    1. Oh Wow Jeff! Well done on the Juggling Workshops, I didn’t realize they’re by reservation only! I’ll update that in the post. Thank you for these kind words my friend. Just trying to keep head above water over here.

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