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What did you dream about becoming when you were a kid?

If you were like me (and perhaps you’ve read these facts in my book), the possibilities seemed endless, as it may have involved being an artist for Disney, playing basketball in the NBA, or becoming famous for your music and acting in movies.

As adults our dreams seem to change.  Suddenly dreams of fame and glory are traded for staying sane and living without worry.

Whether you are the risk taker in your adult age, still swinging for the fences, or have found your groove and are fixed on staying there, to launch big ideas that may fail publicly keep many dreamers from ever taking flight, grounded for fear of humiliation in the event an idea isn’t successful.

What inspires me is seeing those who are willing to put themselves out there, who keep reaching for the stars, the childhood glimmer of belief easily recognizable…and it can almost be enviable while admirable (such a catch-22).

I often see others living their dreams and ask myself:

Do I have the guts to do that?

Could I reach that far?

How could they go that route, I thought they were doing this one other thing forever…?

To put that song out there for the world to mock, or record that comedy others may hide behind their screen name to heckle;

To launch that business, write that book, reinvent oneself, do a Facebook or LinkedIn Live, write a blog very few may read – but you still send it out to thousands every week…

I am fully aware that many reading this blog are The Dreamers, The Doers, The Leaders.  That is why you’re here.

And so it is, with great pride, excitement, and anticipation, that I announce a dream many years in the making * thinking * conceiving * creating * formulating * retreating * postponing * procrastinating * and now finally: ACHIEVING!

Promise kept!

Introducing ~ The Promise Institute!

The Promise Institute Team – Bud Heaton * Heidi Totten * Allen Roberds * Jason Hewlett

We are 4 Dreamers who have collectively decided we are greater together than apart, with our areas of expertise combined to launch a most audacious and radical new business, that is already seeing fruits of massive interest just upon the initial concept being introduced – now ready to roll!

Check out our NEW web site, enjoy our new animation video, as you’ll be among the first to see it!



Who are we?

Well, if you’re familiar with DISC you could spell us out this way:

D = Bud Heaton

I = Heidi Totten

S = Jason Hewlett 

C = Allen Roberds

(we are certified to train DISC, John Maxwell, and more, btw)
(feel free to click on each name above to visit our individual websites to learn more about everyone!)



We each bring our unique gifts, strengths, talents, and vision to The Promise Institute.

As a group, we are certified in multiple areas of expertise, as coaches and trainers, having led humanitarian missions to Kenya, launched multi-million dollar online programs, award-winning teachers, Las Vegas performers, life-changing retreats, best-selling books, speaking hall of fame accolades, and donated thousands of hours in service to youth, leaders, and as mentors.

Collectively, there is no other group ever assembled with such variety of experience, expertise, training, and singular vision finally coming together to offer value at this level.

What is The Promise Institute you ask?

We instill The Promise Culture into your Organization

We do so by facilitating The Leadership Game with your company’s Top Executives in an in-person (currently available in Utah only) or virtual engagement experience (available worldwide) to teach Promise values and assess your company’s strengths and areas of improvement.

The results have been astounding for those companies that have engaged with The Promise Institute, especially the chosen who are moving into annual commitments while we are in launch mode and pricing.

I’ll let you in on a little secret about the dreams of the most successful people in the world: 

Successful adults dream about having influence, relevance, respect, acknowledgement, and becoming the type of Leader that is trusted with moral authority.

The Promise Institute guides your leadership team to create the Promise Culture, through online video training, courses, workshops, books, mentoring and coaching, masterminds, retreats worldwide, and much, much more, which we will be revealing over the coming months.

But it all starts with assessing your Promise Culture with The Leadership Game.  

Want to discuss scheduling your Leadership Game with me personally? 

Click THIS LINK to check out my Calendar and let’s set up a call to chat about how we can serve you.




This, for me, is a DREAM come true.

What are some of your dreams?

I hope you’ll engage with us, The Promise Institute, to allow us to help you see your greatest vision and leadership Promise come true.





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