The Misunderstood Legend of Brown M&M’s & Van Halen


Did you ever hear the story of rock band Van Halen trashing a venue because they arrived at the location only to find BROWN M&M’s in the bowl backstage?

Do you know why they did that?

Most people think it’s because they were a bunch of Rock Stars acting like spoiled brats.

In reality, it was a very essential part of their contract which was a matter of life and death.

The Promise is in the Details!

Enjoy this video and story from the city where it all happened in the mid-1980’s, from Pueblo, Colorado, with Jason Hewlett 8-5-2021.



Story also referenced here on Insider


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~ Jason Hewlett

The Promise Institute Co-Founder

Promise Culture Keynote Speaker

* Speaker Hall of Fame

Author of “The Promise To The One”




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