The Lost Ring – Listening is a Superpower

My Koa Wood Hawaii Tungsten Anniversary Ring


This past week my sons and I went with a group of boys from our Church to ride the rapids in the Portneuf River, in Lava Hot Springs, ID.

By rapids I mean the equivalent of blowing bubbles in the milk of your cereal bowl.

This might be the tamest, most pleasant river rafting in the world.

And yet, as my 9-yr old and I went on our double tube, somehow we found ourselves upside down, stuck in a whirlpool where the rocks made a little water tornado…

While mildly drowning, a group of girls came crashing over the top of us, sending my son laughing and floating to the side and safety in his lifejacket, while I happened to explode.

I don’t mean my actual body exploded, but rather everything I had on: my expensive Oakley prescription sunglasses, my only hat that fits me that I purchased with my buddy Ty Bennett in Sydney, Australia, and my special water shoes from Jamaica on a cruise stop 15 years ago.

In one swift moment, I made sure my son was fine, all while catching these expensive items blasting from me, as I opened my hands to scoop them all back.

In that choice, to reach for all else, I ultimately made a fatal mistake: The special matching Koa Wood Tungsten ring my wife and I purchased at Spouting Horn in Kauai, HI for our 18th Anniversary (2019), which has always been just a little too big for my finger, slipped right off and into the dark water.

A feeling of sickness for my loss overwhelmed me, as I grabbed Royal, put him back on the inner tube, and climbed back on myself, to reveal to him the saddest moment of our trip to that point –

“Look, Royal…Daddy just lost his special ring Mommy gave me for our anniversary from Kauai.  I’m sad now in this river.  Are you ok?” 

Royal was fine, but was equally stunned to think the ring was gone.  He remembered where we were when we bought it in Kauai, even the “kind of scary lady with the crazy accent and incense burning” as we shopped for rings in the outdoor makeshift market…

We continued floating down the river.


3 hours later as I sat in my car, having just turned our inner tubes back into the rental, Royal and his 10-yr old friend, Beck, came running up and holding something in my face: My Ring!


Royal Hewlett and Beck with my Ring from the River


“No way!” I shouted, “How? What?  How on earth…?” 

They smiled and told me their tale ~

Beck began:

“When you came back from losing your ring, Royal told me you lost it.  He was so sad and said you were, too.  

I was floating down the river and saw this guy snorkeling up the river who suddenly popped up and was holding a RING above his head!  He shouted “I found a Ring!” To which I yelled back at him, “Hey!  That’s my friend’s Dad’s ring!”  

He swam over to me and handed it to me!” 

I said, “Beck!  That is an incredible story, in so many ways.  I love that you remembered what Royal told you, and that you would convince that stranger to give you his treasure!  I love it.  You have a Superpower of listening!  Thank you, buddy!”  

Beck smiled, Royal smiled.  We took a photo to re-enact what they stood at my car door showing me: my special ring having been found from the river.


How well do you LISTEN? 

How often does someone tell you of a significant moment or occurrence and you have the chance to actually do something about it?

When do you actively listen to others, comprehend the meaning, and step in when you have the chance?

This is the same in recreation as it is on your team at work, when you hear the needs of another and serve them, listen to your partner at home and find ways to surprise them, listen to your customer and over-deliver! 

I am so impressed that Royal would share this story of my lost ring with Beck.

I am so impressed Beck listened and then kept his mind open to think, if by chance some miracle were to happen, that he would get that ring back!

And then to think he actually yelled to the stranger with the snorkel in the water that he knew the rightful owner and got it back!

And bravo to the man who found the ring, to actually give it to some kid claiming he knew the owner!

Crazy story!

This is the Story of The Lost Ring, and confirmation that Listening is a Superpower! 


All of this is The Promise.  

The Promise of listening; 

The Promise of actively engaging; 

The Promise of friendship. 


Your Promise Prompt This Week:

How well are you ACTIVELY LISTENING?

When your spouse tells you to do something, are you committed to being PRESENT enough to hear it, and actually LISTEN?

When your customer tells you what they REALLY need, and it was different than what you originally assumed they wanted, and realize you can OVER-DELIVER on a greater Promise?

When your HEART tells you to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT, are you willing to listen to yourself?

That is The Promise.


* * * * * * * * * * * * *

~ Jason Hewlett

The Promise Institute Co-Founder

Promise Culture Keynote Speaker

* Speaker Hall of Fame

Author of “The Promise To The One”

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12 thoughts on “The Lost Ring – Listening is a Superpower”

  1. I call finding your ring a bit of a miracle!!!!
    And yes, listening is important as well as sharing something that is sad. which your son did.

    Some of my friends are at NSA this weekend. I think you are not there.
    Exciting about returning to Vegas before 20,000 people in August.

    My daughter is being married next Saturday to the finest young an who has the GREATEST family. MY son is arriving from LA with his family on Friday. So excited.

    Blessings my friend,

    1. Louise, I agree, it is a miracle. And yes, you’re correct, I was originally not to be at NSA, but last minute had to come, so yes, I’m attending and it’s wonderful. My best to your daughter, and I’m thrilled to see your glowing report of the man and family she has chosen, that is so rare to see someone say. Have a great time with your family all together.

  2. This is so cool. I hope you don’t turn into Gollum. Since you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re probably safe! 🤣

    1. hahahahaha! I have heard of him due to the thousands of people who have asked if I can do that voice. But yes, hoping I don’t turn into him.

    1. I’m so happy for your 50 years – amazing! and sorry to hear about the lost ring! Yes, hope you have this kind of experience too!

  3. What a great story, on so many levels. Thanks for the timely reminder, when things get crazy with work and other distractions, I can be a terrible listener. I hope the kids got extra ice cream that day!

    1. LOTS of ice cream for the kids. Hahaha. Yes sir, it is important that we listen more and more, as there are even hidden meanings in between the words so often as well.

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