The Importance of Connection Right Now

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I was so excited as I hung up the phone.

Having just received word my client was moving forward and doing a December holiday party, where I would share The Promise message to inspire attendees, while entertaining them with laughs and music going into the New Year, I was on cloud 9.

My wife and I were already counting the money – we would finally be able to justify providing something of substance for our family this Christmas.

Gratitude is a word that can’t be quantified when things are tight and every little blessing arrives.  #GiveThanks

Devastation is also a word that shows up quite a bit as well.

That was the feeling the next morning when the email landed in my inbox saying the event agreed upon yesterday was going in a different direction, no need for my appearance this year, hope we can have you in the future…


How often can this happen in one year?

Be it in-person events canceled and then virtual meetings shifted…

This is rough.

Yet we move forward.


***  RANT  ***

I continue to be baffled by the thought that a level of connection with employees, peers, members of associations and other events are either being canceled or not following through in having something entertaining or motivational for a virtual event. 

I understand plans change, budgets shift, things are crazy.

YES: We are bending all the rules of the past, working within every budget we can, being sensitive to the client’s needs and current challenges, doing what they require, and happy to.  GRATEFUL TOO!

There’s a different kind of connection when those who are experts in event engagement get involved in your meeting.  

Hank in HR isn’t enough, my friends. 

Sure, Hank can share his screen with ease, knows how to MUTE everyone, and has a cat video he found online to play in a lurch…but seriously, how is this person still acceptable as the Host and Entertainment common thread of your virtual event? 

It’s crazy to do awards and recognition without an entertaining host or engagement expert.  

It’s un-motivating to have a virtual day of learning without a master of segue professionalism running your virtual show. 

It’s a major blow to attendees to have to sit through one more ZOOM call with their eyeballs burning while suffering another executive power point, followed only by data analytics, sales projections, numbers and targets, “Hey, you’re on MUTE!” comments – minus discussions and connectivity, and little to no relief of laughter, enjoyment, or connection through a powerful presenter.  

Entertainment, Professional Speakers, and Emcee’s have never been more vital to the common well-being of events.  Never in the history of mankind than now in this virtual world.  

That’s my rant, I’m sticking to it. 


As I sat with the calendar next to my wife on the living room couch, we looked over what is the most barren December to date in the history of my 20 year career.

2020 wins again!

And then we looked back over the year.

November has been the most booked November ever.  What a blessing.

October was pretty good, September was crazy busy, August was excellent with virtual events, and I had more gigs in July than I’ve had since 2011, when I used to do county fairs all month.

A fairly empty December is not a problem, because the rest of the year made up for it.

The dialogue was: We are good.  No worries.  Thankfully I transitioned into keynote speaking and have pretty much left the entertainment-only aspect of my offerings behind, because my friends, I’m not booked as the Entertainment these days – I’m officially in the Keynote Speaker space, and it has been a long time coming.

Very grateful. #GiveThanks

Let’s look to 2021.

In reality, I only have ONE full-on ENTERTAINMENT SHOW in December, and it’s one

I’ve created JUST FOR YOU!!!

A post-Christmas, pre-New Year’s Holiday Special for the Public (YOU) and it’s VIRTUAL (YAY!).

I’d love if you’d join me.

Most people will be.

Just imagine a house full of laughter following the holiday family squabbles?

We are calling it: “Santa Got Run Over By A Raptor!”

I’ll be performing some of my Greatest Hits, along with material you’ve never seen before, mini-video productions by our family, filled with comedy, comfort, & cor…cov…at least the funny side of all we’re experiencing and living.

I believe we need a LAUGH!

Very excited about it and it’s about the price of most movies these days on iTunes or AppleTV+.

Tickets are available for the household at $20.

Since you’re not going to the movies, the nutcracker, or anywhere, you may as well watch this.

Invite your friends.  Have a Watch Party.  Keep your mask on and sit 10 feet apart just to be safe.

Just don’t hug your Grandma without your mask!



Connection is what I’m going for. 

I want to deliver a way for you to connect via laughs, pop culture, music, story, positivity, engagement, all of it – with team members, family, and strangers that share a common memory of the special moment we create together.

That’s a Promise.

In my resolve to go ALL-IN on Virtual Events the year actually turned out pretty great, having gone from in-person to virtual events, as I’ve now done over 60 events virtually since April, mostly as Keynote Speaker and Emcee, my thoughts were then turned to another peer circle.

I fell into concern for my Entertainer friends. 

If I’m getting virtual events that are pretty much confirmed and then getting canceled overnight, what is happening to my friends in showbiz?

Everyone has pivoted, bounced, hustled to deliver their amazing offerings and talents in 2020.

With that in mind, I wanted to share with you some of the incredibly cool things the thriving Entertainers are doing, as the most successful and savvy in the business, and what they can do for your office gathering, family party, company-wide event, you name it, these are the guys you want at your event!

I am SO INSPIRED by these, my friends, I have to share them with you.  

And to be fair, they are doing VERY WELL with booking events right now, since that is their great offering and they are the best in the business, so I hope you’ll check them out and refer them to those you know can use their talents and Signature Moves to create connection immediately:


JEFF CIVILLICO – one of the most gifted Entertainers who’s ever lived.  His virtual events are so powerful he’s done 100+ of them since March!  Check him out here and watch him this Monday… if you can get a ticket!

Reserve My Spot for Jeff’s Virtual Show Demo



3 of the most brilliant, hilarious, and talented performers I know!

I sent out an email about this showcase last week.  Did you miss seeing them?  Here’s a link to the REPLAY.  Don’t just watch it and laugh alone in your home office.  Book them and connect with your peers!


You’re Welcome!

I hope you stay connected this holiday season and Happy Thanksgiving forthcoming.

I’m grateful for you in my life.

jason hewlett 

Leadership Coach * Virtual Keynote Speaker * Speaker Hall of Fame

The Promise To The One

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2 thoughts on “The Importance of Connection Right Now”

  1. Wow, Jason, thank you so much for mentioning my virtual demo 🙂 You’re the best! I can certainly appreciate and understand your rant. 2020 has proven to be the year of “We’re going in a different direction” haha.

    I’m buying tickets to your virtual show for several friends and family. What a great idea! I’m excited they’ll have the chance to see you entertain for a public show. I know how rare that is!

    1. Jeff! I’m so impressed with all you’ve done, and yes, the rant is justified! Thank you for your continued support, I appreciate you very much.

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