The Fan Experience

Playing “Celebrity” following events is a fun experience with those looking for interaction


Sitting down to lunch a few blocks from the venue where I had just finished my stage performance for thousands in attendance, I basked in the glory of another standing ovation moment.   

Right as I bit into my sandwich a large group of lanyard wearing attendees from the event where I had just been Closing Keynote Speaker arrived to get in line.  

Noticing me they ran over for pictures and to tell me how much they loved the presentation.  

We’ve all seen TMZ videos that show angry A-list celebrities bothered by fans wanting autographs while being disturbed by fans.  I can imagine their frustration in dealing with this type of thing every second of their lives, but for me, a few minutes of shaking hands and photos following any successful event is a delight with my Z-list celebrity status.  

Setting down my sandwich the photos begin…and continued…on and on.  Streams of people coming from everywhere. Soon my sandwich is cold, I need to catch a flight, the love doesn’t stop.  

To be frank, this is a great problem to have.  Appearing engaging on stage is one thing, but actually being engaging in real life is way more important.  These are my Audience on and off stage, and I love them.  

(The challenge becomes when you’re in a hurry and have to get somewhere and the photos keep coming!  Now you feel a little Beatlemania moment and understand why they were always running away … hahahah.)


Being recognized in Sydney, Australia is a joy (and equally confusing to people on the grass)


How do you treat your Raving Fans, the customers that want personal engagement? 

Leaders become Legendary Leaders when they make themselves:

  • Accessible
  • Approachable
  • Relatable

My cell phone number is on my web site and business card.  I have been advised by many not to do this.  It makes me extremely accessible, or as others have said, “Subject to too much interaction.” 

My accessibility has become something of a unique aspect to my business that clients appreciate, even a Signature Move I’m known for. 

No middle man, a personal touch, any chance for a conversation to customize the presentation, or have a personal meeting and yeah, even get a photo together.

I appreciate this with the best brands I love and businesses I am a fan of as well, so why wouldn’t I do the same for my Audience?  It has become my Promise to them.   

What are some brands that you “fangirl” over? 

What draws you to want to share your customer experience with the world, even taking a selfie with their brand & Signature Move highlighted? 

That’s The Promise of engagement.  That is Legendary Leadership.  

And how do you give your Customers a chance to be a Fan of You?


Grateful to those who hire me to be on stage at their events – I’m FANS of THEM!



Leadership Expert * Author * Speaker Hall of Fame * Award-Winning Entertainer

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6 thoughts on “The Fan Experience”

  1. Jason, you are and have always been a class act. In the end I always believe we will be judged by how we treat others – thank you for being such a great role model!

    1. Oh Barbara, you are so very sweet. I appreciate so much that I could be there with you and hope all is well! Thank you for reading and commenting.

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