The Empty Gym


It is the final week of January 2024. For the last few weeks I have noticed a trend at my local gym:

Week 1, the gym was bursting at the seams and overcrowded;

Week 2, no matter the time of day, it was less busy;

Week 3, even less issue of finding a machine to use, at the peak times of day.

Now, at the final week of the month, I feel sad to think of all the great intentions of those I had never seen over the past year, who came on strong in Week 1, and now are no longer around once again.

Why does this happen?

Yes, we’ve had snow, so perhaps lots of shoveling?

Yes, there are plenty of other gyms across the land, perhaps they left our gym and went there instead?

Yes, there are goals, resolutions, and promises, but I’m seeing this in every gym I’m visiting around this fine country of ours and it’s alarming.

Whether it’s your health journey, frustrated behavior of scrolling social media, or commitment to stop complaining out loud, habits are hard to break.

Make the right Promise and you’re more likely to keep that Promise.



Have an accountability partner, such as a friend you report to, the scale you stand on, or a calendar/journal you fill out to end your day, and the probability of success is amplified exponentially when we commit to the practice of recording our daily progress.

The systems and processes we put in place for ourselves to succeed are at first a major pain to create and implement, but it’s in the consistent follow through that the magic happens.

When I don’t have my Promises as priorities then I break them and write blogs about it, but here’s one I’m sticking to and happy it’s working:

I stand on the scale every morning. I take a photo of most of my food, when I remember. These simple tasks remind me to get to that gym every day.

If I get ready for bed, lay down and feel frustrated with my day, I can honestly look back in my calendar and journal and realize somehow my day became so busy that I forgot to hit the gym!

Now I pop my gym clothes back on and head out the door.

Then I am at peace. Then I’ve kept my Promise. Then all is right in the world once again.

And we try to better ourselves the next day.

I wonder about those wonderful people who are no longer at the gym. I hope they get back to it. I know I’m cheering myself on to hang in there, and even though they take up the equipment I need, I would rather find another muscle to work on than not see those people again next to me keeping their promise.




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~ Jason Hewlett

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