The Drinking Fountain Promise


Most people only know that the drinking fountain spout sits one way.

They may never think about any reason to move it, and so we lean over and stick our face under the spout to catch the flowing water, or place our water bottle angled just right to catch some of it.

Such as this photo:



One of the great challenges for those of us who drink so much water we need to fill our water bottles mid-workout, is the angle of the spout never allows you to fill your bottle properly.

You will lose about 1/3 of the water you could fill, if it weren’t for the angle, as it trickles out.

If you have TikTok or Instagram, maybe you’ve seen this super handy trick, of turning this little fountain spout the other way:



Did you know you can actually turn a majority of water fountain spouts in order to have a perfect angle and fill the water bottle to full? Yes, the water is now going to spill all over the floor if you don’t catch it all with the water bottle, but how amazing is this?

It’s an answer to many prayers, and shortly filled water bottle users worldwide are rejoicing in this new revelation.

It looks like this:



Here’s the problem with this wonderful new reality of being able to turn the spout – not everyone turns it back to its proper and original position.

I have been the poor recipient of this experience, leaning in to take a swig of the spout, never noticing, or even considering, it could be turned the wrong way!!!

Face down in the bowl, I hit the button, and the next thing I know…water is splashing all over my shoulder, running down my back! Even down my leg! What is happening?

I realize someone hasn’t returned the spout to its normal spot.

Now I am covered in water.

This is obviously disappointing, and embarrassing, as there’s always a line behind me, and now the beautiful women wonder why I’m covered in water.

Or they’re just wondering if I really did a workout and just cover myself in water to appear sweaty.

Humiliated, I spin the fountain spout back to its rightful place and take my sip, getting on with my day.

But it made me pause to consider The Water Fountain Promise.

If I know something others don’t, and I decide to implement it, such as spinning the fountain the opposite direction others aren’t aware is possible, then it is my responsibility to return it to the direction it’s supposed to face.

Or, spend a moment to tell everyone behind me about this new possibility, and they can do what they will with it.

Promise kept.



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~ Jason Hewlett

Husband, Father, Writer, Mentor, Hiker

  • Speaker Hall of Fame * Award-Winning Entertainer * Mentor
  • World’s Only Keynote Speaker utilizing entertainment, musical impressions, and comedy to teach The Promise
  • Author of “The Promise To The One”

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10 thoughts on “The Drinking Fountain Promise”

  1. Now that is very interesting new information! I can pass that along to others, but due to being a germaphobe I avoid drinking fountains.

    1. Yes, I too have a hard time using them, and touching the fountain! But alas, sometimes it’s a must to survive. LOL>

  2. I was TODAY years old when I learned this!! Thank you, Jason!!

    AND, I, love your water bottle! Mine looks almost identical, except mine is magenta!!!

    Once I start implementing this, I will keep the promise to turn it back the way it was.

    Great message!

  3. Great idea. I gotta’ check it out. BTW did NSA pay you for the advertising? You might get a better deal from Coke – I dunno.

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