The Dad Health Promise – The Legend of Scott Law

Scott Law and proud Family


On this blog, as you know, I am in constant search of ways to inspire you, and me, while watching others who are valiantly keeping, or sadly breaking, The Promise.

I know I am the example most of the time of how I break The Promise and vow to do better.

But today’s post is going to be written by someone else.

Recently I opened social media to find this story of my friend, Scott Law, who lives in Texas, and I haven’t seen him in person in quite a while.

Yet I wasn’t expecting this post, nor his latest triumph, that completely stunned me.

I’ll be very honest: This is absolutely a dream of mine, to do what he’s just done.

I find this inspirational, intimidating, and the ultimate Promise story.

It helps me dare bigger, and when I asked if I could share it on my blog Scott said that’s why he shared a story that was meant to be private but couldn’t stay hidden anymore. I love it.

I’ll let Scott tell it, as he posted to Facebook, and it has garnered thousands of likes, comments, and shares, because it is so amazing.

Well done, Scott, thank you for reminding us all how to Keep The Promise, even after we probably broke one in the first place, and then fixed things, especially as a Dad and Family Man.

Here’s his POST on Facebook if you prefer to see it there – also recounted here below as well, used by permission of the author:


Scott Law The Bodybuilder


Summer of 2021, I found myself screaming into the windshield at Luke after a Summer league basketball game. Yelling and questioning why he didn’t consistently give 100%l effort on every play?! I was frustrated, demanding to know why he dogged it on defense and running the floor. Again he heard my stories how I’d never taken the easy route, not being naturally athletically gifted I had to outwork the competition to compensate and compete.

Through the verbal barrage Luke stayed stoic as my piercing words questioned and expressed disappointment in him. I replayed the broken record of my glory days, desperately trying to get him to understand my perspective and my hopes for him.

After 10-15 mins of this I ran out of breath and realized my approach was neither productive nor effective. I was hurting more than helping so I apologized. A bit more composed and hoping to connect I calmly and softly asked, “Why aren’t you willing to fully commit and give 100%?”

Luke responded with unexpected gentleness, saying, “You mean kinda like your diet, Dad?”

His words hit home, exposing my own hypocrisy. Dude. He nailed me to the wall the way Cool Hand Luke Law does. I gulped hard after rightfully being called out. So right then and there we both committed to giving 100% – me on my health and Luke on his path of training and leadership in football and basketball.

This marked the beginning of a transformative journey of self-mastery for me. Until then, I had always been the one to say, “diet starts tomorrow,” justifying and indulging in all foods and desserts without restraint.

Innately I’d known consistency was the key to achieving any significant result. And I’d been consistently poorly disciplined and consistently had over-eaten and under-exercised. My consistent, unhealthy habits had caused me to steadily trend in the wrong direction for many years. I was fat and out of shape, struggling with self-consciousness and crippling self-talk. My misery had a profound effect on my mental well-being, trapping me in a cycle of negative self-talk and self-judgment reinforced every time I looked in the mirror or saw myself in photos. My verbal attack on Luke was really just me projecting my own dissatisfaction with myself which had always been the case about how I felt about my body. I was always the T-shirt in the pool guy, ashamed of the physical evidence of my lack of discipline and commitment around food and exercise.


Scott Law Before photo


So I made a life-altering decision. I didn’t just set a goal; I made the decision to be the person who was in shape in all areas of my life. I wanted to fully embrace all the blessings in my life and inspire others to reach their full potential as well.

Determined, committed and disciplined, I revamped my eating habits, transformed my thought patterns and applied this positive momentum and consistency to all areas of my life. I committed to rightsize then optimize my physical health, knowing I had a lot of ground to make up.

Scott Law bodybuilder on stage


Luke wasn’t my only inspiration as there have been many who have inspired me over years. But they say that you are the product of the five people you spend the most time with, and in my case, this is absolutely true. My next-door neighbor, Philip Niu, serves as a constant source of inspiration. He’s a picture of dedication, striving for top-notch condition in all aspects of his life. As Dwayne Johnson’s “The Rock”’ photo/movie double, he exemplifies discipline and consistency. I engaged him and benefited from his Alpha Coaching and accountability- he coaches executives and entrepreneurs to optimize all facets of life: physical health, mental well-being, relationships, and finances. Daily conversations and commitments in “The Lab” (my home gym) have had a profound impact on me and set me on a course in all areas of my life I couldn’t be more excited about!

Scott Law and Philip Niu

The changes I’ve undergone have rippled to affect every area of my life. My capacity for empathy and love towards others has deepened. I’ve begun to understand the value of suffering and sacrifice brought on with discipline and self-restraint. Most importantly, my love for my wife, Jessica, has grown even stronger especially as I empathize with her autoimmune challenges and decade+ of food restrictions. I’m more in love with her today than I ever imagined possible.

Scott Law and his beautiful wife, Jessica Law

Consistency yields results. We make time for what we truly value, and the power of consistency cannot be overstated. Small daily actions bring significant results – daily changes are measured in grams. Over time becoming pounds and pounds. Positive or Negative.

I’ve been exceptionally blessed to provide for my family, but my younger children hadn’t witnessed the physical grind and sacrifices of the earlier years in school and entrepreneurship. I wanted to set an example for them, showing that aging didn’t have to equate to being out of shape and gaining weight. My daily routine to prep for this show, beginning at 4:30 a.m. includes an hour of cardio and strict adherence to my nutritional plan, aimed to show what’s possible in their lives.

Originally, I’d desired to keep my journey and yesterday’s Bodybuilding show under the radar, hoping to avoid drama of the self-centered stigma associated with bodybuilding. But it’s been hard to hide and people have found out about it. I get that bodybuilding isn’t for everyone. Some get it and some don’t – the support and the opposition from people have both been eye opening. So I share this with the hope that my ride inspires others to optimize every facet of their own lives; do hard things, decide and commit to what they want out of life. It’s my deepest desire for everyone.

Scott Law and the amazing Law Family


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  1. Wow. Just wow! Thank you for sharing this. While bodybuilding is not a dream of mine, running 60 half marathons is.

    You inspire me to be better and commit to my own Promises every single day!!!

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