The Audience Hates Me


Here I am.

Performing my guts out.

Doing all I can to get a laugh, spark an emotion, beg a reaction.


The audience hates me. 

I can tell.

You know when you’ve got ’em.

And wow, how you know when you don’t!

These people hate me. 

But I’m going to keep giving, trying, singing, telling stories, speaking great thoughts, points, reaching, teaching…

There has to be someone who is getting it.

My Promise is to give 100%, even if they hate me.

I learned this at the beginning of my career in Las Vegas: sleeping audiences, grouches on the front row, entertain me monkey!

I know what I must do and that means I cannot let up.

Time is almost up…have I already been on stage for an hour?  It seems longer.

I never got ’em.

What did I do wrong?

I end and bow, knowing once I look back up they will be grateful it’s over.

And then they stand.

And then they cheer.

And they clap while offering me the love I didn’t get while we were together.

Now it’s over.

What just happened?  Why’d they wait til the end to tell me they loved me?

It’s too late.

They line up to tell me how great it was, the hallway is packed, where can we buy your books, they ask.

I’m confused.

I thought after 25 years of being on stage I could read an audience.

I guess I had them the whole time and couldn’t even tell.

Wow, that audience didn’t actually hate me.

Glad I kept the Promise.



~ Jason Hewlett

Husband, Father, Writer, Mentor, Hiker

  • Speaker Hall of Fame * Award-Winning Entertainer * Mentor
  • World’s Only Keynote Speaker utilizing entertainment, musical impressions, and comedy to teach The Promise
  • Author of “The Promise To The One”
  • President of Cardio Miracle.  Go to to take your health back! Use coupon code HEW2024 for 15% OFF your order.


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8 thoughts on “The Audience Hates Me”

  1. Wondering how that audience could not love you. Of course, you kept you promise. Thank you for sharing a timely relevant story to apply in my life.

  2. As I was reading this, my thought was, how could anyone not love him!! Just not possible. So glad it ended like it did. Guess they were in such awe of you they were “frozen” before letting it all out in the end! Lol

    1. Thank you Bobbye for your kind words. Audiences can be tricky, but we must keep The Promise no matter what.

  3. Thank you for the great example you are. This is one of my biggest fears, and how to keep the promise and push on even when I think I am bombing. Your weekly messages inspire, motivate and teach, Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much Robert. I’m grateful it can help even just one person to keep going, no matter their stage and the audience response. Continued success!

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