Talking with a Human


My cell phone number is on the Home Page of my web site.

It is also strewn about the internet in every place possible.

For years I refused to have my number out there, due to the distraction and lack of privacy it afforded me, as well as having managers, agents, and others deal with the requests.

It was helpful, as it kept me out of arm’s reach from the crazies, and there are crazies out there that will stalk you.

But then I remember an issue I had that could not be resolved where I called a company and absolutely, no matter what, couldn’t get a hold of a human.

The automated process was unresolvable in every way, and I could never get someone on the phone to clarify my issue. I lost a great deal of money due to this issue and never speaking to a human.

It was that day I changed one of the biggest rules of my business: My cell phone was now published everywhere.

The Promise in my business became COMMUNICATE as much as possible, be infinitely reachable, and even over-communicate where necessary.

Suddenly, my unlisted and undiscoverable number became public record.

I remember the shocked look of peers and business associates who told me it was a mistake to have my cell front and center on my web site, and lacked professionalism to promote my now “open to anyone” cell phone, that I should appear the “celebrity” and be unreachable.

Within a few days of posting my cell phone, the ringing began, a barrage of calls I didn’t anticipate.

This was before SPAM RISK calls.

It was a wonderful problem, as these were potential CLIENTS that didn’t want to fill out my online form to book me, just ask a few simple questions, and wanted someone to talk through their event details with.

Remember: The fee to book me for an hour on stage is the equivalent of a fairly nice car. My fee to consult, mentor and coach is a great investment.

My soon to be clients were STUNNED to hear me answer the phone.

I landed and booked essentially every single call that I answered.

They were thrilled and I was thrilled.

Now that SPAM RISK calls have invaded our lives, having my cell number out there has become a bit more of an inconvenience since I can’t always tell who’s calling, but there is no substitution for when I answer and get the grateful voice of an event planner saying, “Wow, I can’t believe you answered, thank you so much, I just had a few questions we couldn’t get figured out without talking to someone…” 

Of course, my amazing assistant Heidi is also always at the ready for a call, and imagine how thrilled clients are when I say, “I’m glad we could talk. Since I’m on the road, would you be ok to discuss with Heidi all of the details and we’ll get this firmed up?” 

And then they talk to Heidi, who is way cooler than me, and the gig is underway.

This is The Promise.

The Promise to do business better, make the customer experience a truly pleasant experience, and cut the curve of mystery when making a HUGE and pricey purchase is very important to me.

The Promise: The Engagement Experience isn’t just some title I talk about from stage, it’s something I strive to live at the highest level in business and life.

I love that we made the decision and change to have my cell phone everywhere, since I detest automated customer service and calls that lead to no resolve.

Let me talk to a human! 

It has become one of the most powerful Signature Moves my business is known for, and I like that.

Promise kept.


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~ Jason Hewlett

Husband, Father, Writer, Mentor, Hiker

  • Speaker Hall of Fame * Award-Winning Entertainer * Mentor
  • World’s Only Keynote Speaker utilizing entertainment, musical impressions, and comedy to teach The Promise
  • Author of “The Promise To The One”

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6 thoughts on “Talking with a Human”

  1. Mark America Smith

    “How do you tolerate the spam calls, Jason?”

    “By cashing the $50,000 checks from the non-Spam calls.”

  2. Although I am not in the same demand to see you, I always say “there is no shortage of me” (ie call me as much as you want). Even as real estate agent people feel they don’t want to call and inconvenience me. But I always say call as much as you want. I am here for you.

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