Star Wars Missing LEGO Pieces – PCX Promise Customer Experience

One of many STAR WARS LEGO my son, Redford Hewlett, put together!


An article was forwarded to me by my friend, Mike Miller, as he said it reminded him of The Promise.

Does it ever!

Check out the article by Jason Aten on HERE or the following is a summary, with my commentary in parenthesis:

  • Customer John buys extremely expensive STAR WARS LEGO set (been there, done that!)
  • In the midst of following 400 pages of construction instructions, realization sets in that an entire packet of pieces is missing! (if you’ve ever done LEGOs this size, or had a child working on one, you know this is a catastrophic situation) 
  • Considers taking it back to the store where he bought it (never a good outcome)
  • Decides instead to email LEGO and see if he can get a response that isn’t automated (yeah right! Like that’s a thing anymore)
  • Instead he receives the ULTIMATE Promise Response from a company that delivers Promise Customer Experience & a Promise Engagement Experience he wasn’t expecting (the definition of Promise in CX is Unexpected Over-Delivery)
  • Screen shot of the CUSTOM email John received from LEGO (yes, this is real)
Photo by Jason Aten



How brilliant is this?

Not some generic auto-response, but a CUSTOMIZED, HILARIOUS, CREATIVE email crafted perfectly to calm the situation, relate to the customer, and deliver the goods.

Do you notice ALL of the STAR WARS references?

How about the LEGO references?

Every SIGNATURE MOVE that needs to be acknowledged is delightfully included.  BRILLIANT!


How incredible can a response be?


One more time, go read this article by Jason Aten.  Amazing.


An article like this really speaks to me because my son, Redford, only wanted these ultra expensive STAR WARS LEGOS for his entire single-digit youth.  Here are a few of his constructions, which took him at least a week in some cases.




If you see stories in the news like this, please send them our way.

It just goes to show that the Promise Customer Experience (PCX) is not only going to go VIRAL (since it’s so rare), as this email from LEGO has, but that the best way to Keep The Promise to your Audience is to deliver –

The HOLY GRAIL of Promise Customer Experience (PCX):

  • Rapid Response
  • Customized to the Customer
  • Creatively Encourage Utilization of the Unique Signature Moves of Every Customer Experience Employee when Engaging with The Audience
  • Problem Solved, No Questions Asked, Delivered ASAP
  • Over-Deliver On The Unexpected


Well done, LEGO.  Promise kept! 


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~ Jason Hewlett & The Promise Institute 



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2 thoughts on “Star Wars Missing LEGO Pieces – PCX Promise Customer Experience”

  1. Wow, wow, wow!!!
    This is an incredible story! I have to tell you that since I read The Promise it helped
    me continue to strive to be as sincere as this Legos representative. I am a Member Services Manager for a newer heart supplement company where we receive about 25-30 new emails a day, potential concerns and/or suggestions. Throughout my day I answer every single email so that the customers know they are being heard, and they get specific answers to their questions, it takes a lot of time and effort!
    But, it has lead to increased retention and very satisfied customers every day!

    1. Well done Josh. As you respond in the manner which you do, you will retain customers but also amplify their loyalty due to your PCX Promise Customer Experience you’re creating for them. Well done my brother!

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