The Promise To Show Up No Matter What

Manley Feinberg II getting ready to board a plane he chartered in a professional emergency


The weather in Montana is always nice – they even shoveled the walk!


One of my favorite stories in recent memory comes from my friend, fellow Speaking Professional, Manley Feinberg II.  Check out his web site HERE. 

It’s one thing to be committed to a client to speak at their event, sign a contract, book the flights, get everything ready and then realize weather just crushed your chances of making the trip to the remote location.  So you make the call and say sorry, can’t make it.  Bummer.

There are Speakers, Performers, and any type of service workers and employees, that clock in, do the job, but just do what they are required to do, and when challenges arise, allow circumstances to halt their abilities.

But then there are LEGENDS.

Manley is already one of my favorite speakers with his passion, message of teamwork, leadership, and he is a mountain climber so that automatically makes him awesome.  But the other day he became Legendary.

He kept the ultimate promise with little to no chance of making it happen for his client…and made it happen anyway.

Read the story in his own words, it is so inspiring:



How are you keeping The Promise to show up no matter what?

I asked Manley how much this last minute, private plane cost to get there in time.  It was nearly the price he made for the event!  That means it was a pretty penny!

That’s what I’m talking about.

Three cheers for Manley and all those who show up every time!


~ jason hewlett

Jason Hewlett, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, is a Keynote Speaker for the largest corporate events in the world. His primary message, The Promise, is essential for Leadership, Management, Sales, Marketing, Direct-Sales Companies, and is a combination of engagement and entertainment meets inspiration.  Jason has even received standing ovations from IT guys.  He has been acknowledged as life-changing by Conference Attendees, C-Level Executives and Hollywood Elite.

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9 thoughts on “The Promise To Show Up No Matter What”

  1. William (Bill) Disch ll

    Sounds like something like the Full Gospel Men’s Organization stories I had heard in the 1960’s. The book I am referring to might be out of print now : “How to I’ve life like a King’s Kid”. If you find it its worth the time to read.

    1. Momma always said life is like a box of promises, you’ll certainly have plenty to choose from but it’s up to you which one’s you’ll keep…

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