The Promise of Family First


Today Phil Mickelsen, in the prime of his illustrious golf career, has withdrawn from the the U.S. Open.

Not due to weather.

Not because he’s having back pain.

Because his daughter, who is class president, is graduating from high school, and giving the commencement speech.

The U.S. Open is in Wisconsin.  Even with a private jet, Mickelsen wouldn’t be able to race from his daughter’s Carlsbad, CA speech to make his tee time.

What makes this decision even more amazing is reported by ESPN, “Mickelson holds the U.S. Open record with six runner-up finishes, and it’s the only major keeping him from the career Grand Slam.

“It’s a tournament that I want to win the most,” Mickelson said two weeks ago when he first revealed the scheduling conflict. “The only way to win is if you play and have a chance. But this is one of those moments where you look back on life and you just don’t want to miss it. I’ll be really glad that I was there and present.”  (Read FULL ARTICLE HERE)

He has chosen to do something most men would probably have a hard time doing.

What is your Promise to The Family?

For me, I have turned down work every year on my kid’s birthdays, since we have a tradition of waking them up and celebrating in their rooms.

What that means is I have always received offers for events on their birthdays, and as a result have lost a TON of money, but traded it for invaluable memories and experiences with Family that won’t return.

What Promise can you make and keep to your Family?

As we near Father’s Day, I salute Phil Mickelsen for this great story and his example as a Dad.

Happy Father’s Day.


~ jason hewlett

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8 thoughts on “The Promise of Family First”

  1. Awesome story… thanks for bringing it out.. been there more than once.. but turned down little money not tons of it. Maybe in pennies.

  2. Louise Griffith

    A great story and a wonderful reminder.
    What I also appreciate abut you is that you walk your talk.

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