One Moment

I was 21.

My Dad had told me about how great this entertainer was, someone I had never heard of, who had just signed a $150 Million contract in Las Vegas as an unknown headliner, and was the talk of the town.

We took our seats.  Lights went down.  Music cranked.  Suddenly he appeared and blasted into the best entertainment moment I had ever witnessed in my life…and everything changed.

I knew, in that very moment, exactly what I could become, what I’d have to do, and who I could aim to become like.

He was right there in front of me.  And it became an obsession to be like this man.

One moment can change your life.


There could be many moments you might point to – but in terms of your dreams, career, all you ever hoped might become your future – there was just ONE moment.

Mine was at The Mirage, March 2000, watching Entertainer of the Year Danny Gans perform for the first time.

I got chills, not just because of how good he was, but because I saw what I could become.

What was your moment?


As a Speaker who entertains, or as an Entertainer who educates, you call it what you will, I have found the opportunity to create moments like Danny Gans did for me, now my doing so for others, is a real thing.

A calling.

I love these moments.  Live for these moments.

This very week we are creating such a moment for anyone who is looking to have such a moment.

A moment to change your life’s course, to improve your lot, to become the best version of you.

A moment to decide what kind of husband or wife, mother or father, friend or sibling, worker or business owner you can be.

A moment of lifting, gifting yourself all you’ve been missing…A Promise to You.

Inspiration through tears, emotion, laughter, poignant philosophy and mindset change…you name it, however it’s delivered to you, it can be, but YOU MUST SEEK IT OUT.

It doesn’t just ARRIVE at your doorstep unless you walk in the door.

How sad am I to know there are people unwilling to even take the door handle, let alone not even consider the possibility?

How sorry to see yourself doom-scrolling on social media, wishing your life were better, you had been greater, accomplished more…and yet you never even gave yourself a MOMENT to be inspired.

How embarrassing to think you were blessed with divine gifts and have wasted them, cheating the world of your greatness, and broken the Promise of living to your potential for the fear of facing what you might become.

Don’t be that person.

Don’t sit on the sidelines.

Don’t fear the sneer of the critics.

Get in the arena.

Go for your dreams.

You were born to lead, and you were born to succeed.

Open the door to your success.  Take a seat at the table of Great Ones.  Be a Light to those who see you, who cheer for you, who revere your example.

This is the time, this is your moment, this is Live2Lead, and if you’re not there you are MISSING YOUR MOMENT when you could catapult yourself to the next level of your Leadership.

Don’t miss it.

For me it was watching Danny Gans in Las Vegas when I was 21, in the year 2000.

For me now it is watching John Maxwell on a screen, as I visualize what I can become, the best version of me.  I am now 43, and it is 2021.

Is this also YOUR MOMENT?  I believe it is!  But you must believe it, too.

What is your Promise to Lead?

Join us to create THE MOMENT for yourself, and come on this JOURNEY WITH ME, Keep The Promise to yourself and lead yourself to victory.

Get your TICKET HERE and see you in Salt Lake City, UT on Friday, October 29, 2021.





Amid The Great Resignation we hope you’ll join us for The Great Recommitment.


Join us for Live2Lead in Salt Lake City, UT

October 29, 2021 – Limited seats available.

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~ Jason Hewlett & The Promise Institute 


The Promise Institute Co-Founders

Promise Culture Keynote Speaker

* Speaker Hall of Fame

Author of “The Promise To The One”


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2 thoughts on “One Moment”

  1. What an inspiring post! I so wish I could make this event, but unfortunately my schedule doesn’t allow it this time. I am really hoping you do more of these! Will you?

    I love the Danny Gans reference and story. I’m so sad I never had the opportunity to see him live 🙁 What a legend.

    1. My man! I am just seeing this comment. I appreciate so much your support, and know you would have been there if you didn’t have 75 gigs that week. You’re a great friend. And yes, Gans was legendary. And yes, more events to come!

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